The Lenovo Z Moto has no jack: what are the alternatives?

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Smartphones without jack are now a reality with the announcement of its new Lenovo Moto Z who is satisfied with a USB Type-C port. The opportunity to look into alternatives to traditional headphones and speakers that use the old analog jack.

Lenovo, with its Moto Z is not the first manufacturer to unveil a smartphone without a jack. The Chinese manufacturer LEECO did the same last April with the 2, the 2 Pro and Max 2. This year, many phone manufacturers should emulate Lenovo and LEECO since taking USB Type-C allows you to easily switch the sound to headphones or a pair of headphones compatible as we explained in a dedicated news. In other words, it is now possible to listen to music by connecting a headset to either a mini-jack, but a USB Type-C connector. Must still manage to get their hands on a compatible product.

On a smartphone that no longer jack ports, there are two possibilities. Or keep a wired headset, via the USB Type-C and USB Audio protocol or totally get rid of the son with a Bluetooth device. Let’s look at available alternatives.

Bluetooth headsets and headphones

This is perhaps the simplest answer: Your smartphone has over mini-jack connector? Just switch to wireless with Bluetooth technology. Include numerous references in the field, including the great Zik 2 and 3 Zik Parrot with active noise reduction and an application to manage the detailed helmet (effects, EQ, active noise reduction, etc. ).

Its main competitor, Bose, has finally launched its alternative, with the QC35, the successor of the famous QC25. There is also the QC30, intra Bluetooth ear succeeding the QC20 with control of the active noise reduction. Also at Bose, the SoundSport Wireless are for athletes with Pulse version including a heart rate sensor.

At Samsung, one could see the recently IconX headphones that completely get rid of the son who can also spend a smartphone being completely autonomous. They are also found Level U Pro Headphones Samsung, slightly cheaper.

JBL, there Reflect Mini Sport that attempt to overshadow the Jabra Sport Pace. In short, you’ll understand the references abound, whether for headphones or Bluetooth headphones. Are you more of the wired kind? No problem, we thought of you.

Headsets and adapters USB Type-C

For now, headsets and headphones that take advantage of the USB Type-C connector to listen to music are legion. JBL include with his headphones Reflect Aware C to active noise reduction, which are not yet available, but that already appear on the HTC website, as an accessory for the HTC 10.

LEECO offers meanwhile a pair of headphones USB Type-C and a helmet to listen to music on new smartphones of the brand. Finally, with his book Lenovo Moto Z adapter for connecting an “old” headphone mini-jack on the USB Type-C connector of the phone. An adapter that should be reflected everywhere in trade soon, at a relatively low price, since it does not include any active electronics.

No worries then, the disappearance of mini-jacks and the massive arrival of USB Type-C with USB Audio will not undermine the existing ecosystem through adapters. The USB Audio will however have a lot of improvements as we have detailed in a dedicated article.

And at home?

At home, wired speakers will gradually leave their place to wireless speakers, which operate mostly in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, like the Sonos speakers, Sony products like the X77 SRS or Soundlink the Bose Mobile III. JBL, meanwhile, offers many Bluetooth products. Some products in this selection have the advantage of being compatible with the Google Cast technology, which means that users can stream music directly to the enclosure from their smartphone.

We can also not address the case of the technology not to mention Google Cast Audio Chromecat Google. As a reminder, this little device, sold under 40 euros, helps make any connected stereo system featuring a mini-jack input. We can also mention Prizm, this product is expected capable of making traditional speakers connected and intelligent.

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