The Huawei Watch Jewel Elegant and resurface in the US

Pending submission of an upcoming shows connected signed Huawei, the Chinese brand begins to put on the front of the stage feminized grinds his Watch. The opportunity to discover the price.

We only waited for really they who had come out of the first quarter, and which we have (almost) been heard from the CES in January. Yet Huawei watches for women, and the Elegant Jewel, make their first public appearance through pre-orders started by two American retailers. The opportunity also to get a better idea of ​​the price of both devices.

Almost identical in all respects with Huawei Watch standard, except for their design “feminized”, the Huawei Watch Jewel Elegant and appear for pre-order at significantly higher prices than their standard counterparts. If one believes their dealers, they will be available from 5 to 20 May, and will cost $ 599 for the Jewel, and 499 dollars for the Elegant. Both, however, have a 50 euro discount, which allows to hope for from the 450 dollars.

For that price, so you get two watches whose format remains the same as the Huawei Watch launched last year. We thus find a Snapdragon 400, 4GB of storage and a 1.4 inch screen. The casing is rimmed with Swarovski crystals at the Jewel, and knurled at the Elegant while some wallpapers matching bracelets (wide 18mm) are also present.