The Google Play Store is refining its interface slightly in its 5.7.6 release (APK)

The Google Play Store app updates and changes to its 5.7.6 version to subtly alter some interface details. As so often, the APK is already online.

Apart from the enormous changes of interface that usually accompany major changes to Android, Google does not hesitate to make minor improvements to its Play Store through made discrete day. Sometimes so subtle that it becomes difficult to discern the differences, even knowingly, as is the case here in this 5.7.6 release.

The first change concerns the box “New” in the description of an application, which cleared subtly while the font changes from black to dark green. Finally, the whole is now illustrated by a small circular logo whose relationship with the category is not particularly obvious. The other change concerns the category “Find your characters” of the family space, and relates to the fluidity of the animation when you select a universe, the icon now describing an arc to reach its place top of the screen. This change has also been shown by the Googler Google+ Kirill Grouchnikov.

As usual, this update will be silently deployed by Google on our devices in coming days, but the impatient can now download the APK on the site APKmirror.