The Google Car horns by themselves to avoid accidents

Google has published its monthly report on the Google Car for the month of May. The Mountain View company took the opportunity to address a little-known subject: the sound of electric cars and the ability of autonomous cars honking automatically.

Every month, Google published its annual report on its Self-Driving Car division that rolled in Kirkland, Mountain View, Phoenix and Austin prototypes of autonomous cars, Google Car electric and hybrid Lexus RX450h.

For the month of May, there is a single “accident” Google Car with a prototype that was in manual mode at the time and which is mounted on the central reservation. Google said that 24 Lexus and 34 prototypes have now accumulated more than 2.5 million kilometers in standalone mode with an average 16 to 30 000 km per week. But the most interesting this month is elsewhere in the report, since Google raised the case of the noise emitted by the electric prototype.

An artificial noise for an electric motor

Electric motor requires, we do not find explosions that make the characteristic sound of internal combustion engines. Google has added an artificial noise to warn other road users – including pedestrians and cyclists – from the arrival of the Google Car including acceleration and deceleration phases.

This noise would be particular and locals then succeed in recognizing the sound signature of the Google Car. Google says that engineers are even test the sound of the killer but has – fortunately – not retained. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has adopted a measure requiring electric cars dissemination of accurate noise below 20 km / h. A small futuristic air!

Automatic horn

Google also addressed another issue, that of the automatic horn on autonomous cars. Because Google is indeed able to honk itself to warn other road users of a danger. The car can honk and hold to imminent danger or give two short honks (Google describes as friendly) to call to order another user who begin to bite the dotted line is dangerously approaching Google Because.

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Google Car: a project that opens

Last month, Google’s report highlighted the beta testers of Google for who are now individuals. The Mountain View company makes it possible for the inhabitants of the test cities to take part in the experiment. It now expects the democratization of autonomous cars to reduce accidents, but also to decongest cities.