The Galaxy S2 Android 4.4 host, thank you to CyanogenMod 11

Many Android devices owners have cursed the day they learned that their devices will receive updates to their OS. The Galaxy S2 has sold over 20 million copies in the first 10 months of its launch. Even today, it is a widely used and appreciated terminal. Yet the updates to its OS stopped at Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, its output being too old for it to be supported yet. However, CyanogenMod 11 offers a “unofficial” update to Android 4.4.

The policy of planned obsolescence has the lead in the wing. The end of a support an OS for a terminal often encourages change but, thanks to the ROM CyanogenMod 11, the Galaxy S2 will be able to live a little longer. The developers have indeed released the official version of the CM 11 that allows your Galaxy S2 to switch to Android 4.4. The advantage is obvious: you are going to benefit from all the features of this version of the OS in addition to the overlay Touchwiz.

For the international version of SG 2 (GT-I9100) you will find the link to the ROM (nightly) to this address. Of course, we will not know strongly advise you to follow general precautions when you embark on such an adventure. Namely backing up your data, a Nandroid backup (tutorial available on our forum) and a root of your S2. After installing the ROM, you are welcome to leave your impressions and your bug reports of all kinds on the page of XDA developers. Keep in mind that CyanogenMod 11 does not offer a stable version of Android 4.4 for the Galaxy S2. Developers promise quick fixes. But for that, you must be many and many to spend your S2 Android 4.4 and to provide feedback to the developers.