The French startup Giroptic offers the first 360 consumer camera in the world

Giroptic, a startup Lille, is present at CES to offer the 360cam, first consumer camera 360 to emerge. A camera that could overshadow the GoPro with accessories and ability to get on the ground, and under water.

The French have a strong presence at CES this year, the image of the startup Giroptic, based in Lille. She came with her 360cam camera in his bag that leaves a rather successful Kickstarter project with funding of almost $ 1.5 million on a target of $ 150 000! The principle: a compact camera and portable consumer can shoot 360 degrees with only 3 megapixel sensor 8. It is thus possible to produce Full HD video and take pictures of a definition UHD / 4K. She is also certified IPX8 to go to toy under water (in excess of one meter for 30 minutes) without fear of infiltration. A special version developed for Decathlon will use a subwoofer for increased tightness during diving sessions and to avoid distortions between the three sensors when filming underwater.

To play videos and pictures at 360 °, it is possible to use the house software (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS), but also to develop applications because the code is open source. It is even possible to use the Oculus Rift for video viewing 360, whether direct broadcast (eg for meetings) as well as prerecorded as well as the Cardboard and now many cousins. Finally, Google will soon bear the 360 ​​videos on YouTube a few weeks. The hardware part, meanwhile, is more complete with GPS, gyroscope, microphones, Wi-Fi, microSD slot and a micro USB connection. But that’s not all because the base is removable, in the form of interchangeable accessories.

It is thus possible to replace the camera bracket (screws) by a bulb socket. Interest: power the camera directly with the support of an electric lamp. In this way, the 360cam happens battery. One can also connect an Ethernet basis for passing the video and power. Many accessories are expected to emerge later, on a very interesting concept for those wishing to change the product in time. The camera is already sold the $ 499 price, while the price of accessories ranges from $ 39 for the battery to 79 euros for the lamp module and up to 279 euros for the basic Ethernet POE reserved for professionals.