The first porting to PC OUYA already announced: what implications for the console?

If OUYA console suffers from a catalog too skinny to attract crowds, despite a promise back then qu’enthousiasmante its first fundraiser on Kickstarter, it holds exclusive since titles developed for the console remain his property during six months. TowerFall the game, part of the biggest hits on OUYA for now, will be increased by about two months on the PC.

How to excite developers, even though it seems difficult for them to monetize their creations? Asked by The Verge, the CEO of OUYA, Julie Uhrman minimizes the difficulties encountered by developers. Yet the numbers speak for themselves: in June, only 27% of owners of OUYA opened their wallets to buy a game, and for 13 of 20 games at the top downloads on the blind the console, only 8% of buyers have switched from free purchase for a full and paid version. Preferred free versions or frequent hacking, it is clear that it is not easy for developers to convince players to spend a few dollars. Witness the case of TowerFall, which has one of the most successful on the platform: 21 000 dollars generated for the developer, Matt Thorson, for a price of 14.99 dollars to download. At first glance, this is not a sign of massive downloads … But this is quite lucrative for the developer, especially as the game can be a springboard to the events.

The height of bridges, TowerFall happen within two months on the PC for a price estimated between 15 and 20 dollars. Matt Thorson announced himself on Twitter, since its commitment comes OUYA has expired. He promises to greatly improve his first game for OUYA “the OUYA version is an excellent way to introduce the game to a small audience of hardcore players, to balance some details, and to be known upstream” indiquait- Shacknews it yesterday. OUYA, a platform for developers? Good news indeed for them but not for OUYA if, as Matt Thorson seems to evoke the games for the Android console that serve as their beta testing before the release of a more successful game on another platform. What is lacking precisely this console, it is nevertheless the “killer games”, a Halo to OUYA sauce, a short game that will thrill both gamers and the general public, and that will be the engine of purchase.

Yes, I am working on TowerFall for PC. Aim it’s going to take a pair months. There’s going to be a ton of new happy!

– Matt Thorson (@MattThorson) July 18, 2013

To overcome difficulties to attract developers – Julie Uhrman indicates that 8,000 developers in March OUYA managed to repatriate 21,000 in her lap – OUYA has announced a new fundraising on Kickstarter. Scheduled for August has begun and it will ask each person designer to join its program and, if all together total $ 1 million, each project having accumulated between 50,000 and 250,000 dollars will be reimbursed by OUYA.

“The Ouya version is a great way to get the game out to a smaller audience of hardcore players, make exchange balance, and get some early attention” he Answered. “I think TowerFall HAS proven Itself, a lot of people are ask asking for a PC version and I’m really excited to expand the community.”

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