The first Android image L?

A Reddit user managed to get their hands on what appears to be the first two images of the next version of Android, Android L (for Lollipop?).

A Reddit user would have managed to find on the Chromium bug tracker of the first images of the next version of Android, the mysterious Android L. These two screenshots (above and below this paragraph) to see a window Identification of the Chrome browser for Android. More than the design of the windows (which take Quantum Paper design elements), it is mainly the notification bar that interests us in these images. It actually contains an “L” icon (which would indicate that the phone is running on a development version of Android L) and a crossed bell icon or two new icons on the current versions of Android.

The crossed-out bell icon that can be seen to the right of the screen would be a new feature. ON it would cut notifications or, at least, to “minimize disruption” according to the sources of Android Police. According to the US site, the next version of Android will see the display system notifications and view them as floating notifications resume the appearance of squares (or maps) Google Now. This bell function then will mutate more or less partially these notifications to – for example – will not be interrupted while working.

The latest information regarding these images comes from their definition. They are 1280 × 768 pixels, a definition that is only found on the Nexus 4. This would indicate that Google still plans to increase its older phones on the next version of its mobile OS.

Google may benefit from the Google I / O to be held in a few hours in San Francisco to talk about the next version of Android. If this is the case, then we will check if these rumors are true.