The connected glasses and pretty, the goal of Intel and Luxottica

The connected glasses have, as any “wearable”, the question of elegance. Intel and Luxottica and his new partner, it is time to design a bias in the world of connected glasses, history that this market does not die with the general public before even having existed.

Designing “her glasses featuring smart technologies premium, luxury and sports” is the goal of Intel, now a partner of the firm Luxottica. not necessarily one knows in his own name, but a glance licensing it operates gives a good idea of ​​his skills: the Italian company produces stamped glasses Versace, Vogue, Persol, Prada and Chanel . The newly created duo is planned for several years of joint research, without elaborating. “Our ultimate goal is to help initiate change and deliver smarter products, fashionable, that make sense and are attractive to consumers,” said Intel in a statement. “We will be at the forefront of change to create frames that are as smart and functional as they are beautiful. Products that people love to wear, “the CEO of Luxottica, Massimo Vian.

Intel, which should also equip the next generation of chips Google Glass, turns increasingly to the connected objects and design. He was recently presented with a strap connected named Mica, booked in the USA and oriented with its luxury jewelery semiprecious stones and blithely rate exceeding 400 euros. The US firm, historically present in the world of the PC is shifting gradually to the decline in sales of such products, and team of more and more smartphones, tablets, and now connected objects.

From Intel and Google, Luxottica is everywhere

It is still unclear the features planned by Intel for its connected glasses, one imagines discrete, the chipmaker as the spectacle highlighting their fashionable appearance, and speaking of intelligent technologies that most of augmented reality.

Google, meanwhile, has already entered into a partnership in March with the same Luxottica, for its owners brands Ray-Ban and Oakley. But for now, nothing concrete has come out of this alliance, except perhaps the embarrassing exit Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of Luxottica. He said in September: “I have not used Google Glass. I would be embarrassed to walk around with it on the face. ” No sooner said, soon denied, brand communication has quickly explained that “Mr. Del Vecchio joked about his age [79]. Luxottica is fully committed to its partnership with Google and we have a team working hard to be ready to launch the product in 2015 “. One thing is certain: whatever the consumer brand glasses sported by Google or Intel, Luxottica will be at the forefront when (or if?) Sunglasses become intelligent.