The Chromecast app is renamed Google Cast to be more easily identifiable

On the occasion of the announcement of new products that support Google Cast, Google announced plans to rename the Chromecast app on Google Cast in order to make it more comprehensible to its users.

Chromecasts are great little devices, inexpensive, that connect a TV or enclosure, so that it is possible to send content from their smartphone. These Chromecasts, as practical as they are, however, a serious problem for Google: users tend to think that Chromecast app installed on their Android smartphones, only works with Chromecast.

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Which is absolutely not the case as many televisions, monitors or speakers support the Google Cast technology, which allows precisely to send content from an Android smartphone on the device in question, without the need to have a through Chromecast. This is why Google will change the name of the Chromecast app on Google Cast. Confusion among the general public will be less important.

Google Cast

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Many devices that support Google Cast and does not require Chromecasts

For the occasion, the Google Cast site has been completely redone. Entirely in French, it takes stock of the possibilities offered by technology, various applications that benefit and list some devices that support default cast audio (LG or Sony) or video (on Android TV boxes but also in many television manufacturers).

Finally, Google today announced that the new televisions of Vizio brand, a very popular brand in the US, supported the Google Cast technology. The P-Series range, which includes TVs 50 to 75 inches 4K. Vizio also took the opportunity to unveil wireless speakers, the Speaker and the 360 ​​Crave Crave Pro Speaker, competing Sonos products but integrating, they, a Google Cast support.

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