The Chromebook seduced schools in the US

We did not expect such figures: 1 million Chromebooks were purchased by American schools in the second quarter of 2014.

According to Gartner, it would have sold 16 million PCs in the US in Q2 2014. At the same time, on a Google blog dedicated to the world of business, Google said it had sold more than a million for Chromebooks only US department of education in the second quarter. An impressive figure confirms the figures released by Google in late 2013 (21% of market share in the notebook market in the United States).

How to explain this success? For the price initially, a purchasing managers (David Andrade, CIO of the Bridgeport Public Schools district) do not hide, “we could buy three Chromebook for the price of a single desktop.” The second reason I had mentioned in an editorial on Chrome OS.

W hy so many casual users they bought an iPad to replace their laptop (or their old PC)? Because it is quick, simple and uncluttered. You can not run Photoshop, but it does not matter. The analogy is not perfect, but Chromebooks bring the same philosophy: fast, simple and refined. They start in a few seconds, they do not slow down over time, you have the latest version of all your applications (all the time) and you do not worry about security issues (…) Read the complete file on Chrome OS .

This is a blow to Microsoft. The Redmond giant has not yet found over netbooks, despite the free Windows licenses for tablet formats around 8 inches (with Lenovo Miix 8, which seems rather well).

You are (increasingly) interest you many Chromebooks, besides these machines become more and more interesting: it will soon be possible to run Android applications, as Google has introduced the Google I / O.