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You are preparing to receive a smartphone or tablet for Christmas? Congratulations! It’s a fun gift that we will make. But the real fun begins now: the choice of applications to install. Here is a small selection to start as a chef.

Updated dossier for Christmas 2015.

To change this atrocious interface …

The first thing to do is to check your basic Android interface is the so-called “launcher”. Manufacturers are often fun to change it. The operation may be successful, but sometimes it provides a poor experience, especially on Chinese smartphones (Honor, Huawei …). Fortunately, on Android, you can do anything. The two launchers “must-have” to use and install. NOVA Launcher and Google Now Launcher bring true comfort visibility and efficiency.

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5 launchers to test on your Android smartphone

Nova Launcher

TeslaCoil Software


Google Now Launcher

Google Inc.


For podcasts …

Then go to recreation. Between music, podcasts, video … You really do not get bored. To manage podcast, the best kind is unquestionably Podcast Addict, both complete, intuitive and above all free. For my part, I went on Pocket Casts, which I find more aesthetic. Here is a selection of podcasts: WASD Tech Café, Studio 404, The Go Tech, Gamekult or Children of the South. And for a little culture, March of the history and the excellent Sensitive Affairs of France Inter.

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The 5 best apps for listening to podcasts

Podcast & Radio Addict

Xavier Guillemane


Pocket Casts

Shifty Jelly

€ 2.99

For music …

For music, I really recommend you try Google Play Music, usually preinstalled on most Android smartphones. For several reasons: you are between 1 and 3 free months of subscription, which is far from negligible. You can also add all your MP3 and find them on Google’s servers for free. And finally, because you can enjoy music regularly offered as the last Christmas albums. If you want a simple music player, PowerAMP does very well the job. Oh, I forgot: Spotify course.

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music streaming: what offer to choose?


Max MP


Spotify Music

Spotify Ltd.


For videos …

The must-have video players, it’s MX Player. It almost reads everything. I added “almost” because last night I had no sound on a MKV (on my last vacation, btw). VLC has perfectly managed to read the file. Here are two video players that I advise eyes closed.

MX Player

J2 Interactive


VLC for Android



For video on demand

We will not repeat yet again the game of the best service SVoD. Netflix as CanalPlay have their good and bad points and it basically depends on your preferences and subscriptions. However, difficult not to associate them with a Chromecast to watch on a TV without Internet access.

For the pictures…

Take pictures, edit them, send them … It is not always easy with Android-based apps. Personally, I use (daily) three applications: Snapseed for crude edition Retrica for effects on Instagram, Pro HDR (for real HDR) and finally QuickPic to replace your photo gallery (if necessary). Note that if Snpassed is too complicated, there are interesting alternatives as Aviary or Polarr.

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Our selection of the best photo editing applications


Google Inc.



Retrica, Inc.


Pro HDR Camera

EyeApps LLC

€ 1.51

QuickPic Gallery

Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE: CMCM)


For games …

There are tons of good games on Android and we drafted a good half-dozen folders by genre. Here is a small selection of free and known titles that provide a good basis to digest between two festive meals year-end. Remember though that if the games are free, it is paid in advertisements or in-app purchases.

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Best Android on quiz games

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Best Android on strategy games

Angry Birds 2

Rovio Entertainment Ltd.


Fallout Shelter

Bethesda Softworks LLC



Modern Combat 5: Blackout



In the news …

To take these news everywhere, there are a lot of solutions on Android. The World and particularly its application The Dawn is surely what is currently best to keep abreast of the daily news. For those who want to save articles to read them in places without network (in public transport, for example), Pocket seems a more complete. Finally, application, of course.


Read It Later


The Dawn of the World

The world




feedly: your work newsfeed

Feedly Team


Feedly The customer is very comprehensive, it is one of the most suitable applications for tracking RSS son.

To your list of things to do …

Life, it can be reduced to “things to do”. Fortunately, the famous “To Do List” are there to help us, and as the mobile is always at hand, it is important to be able to create beautiful lists. Personally, I highly recommend ANY.DO and Clear. Google also recently built a callback function to Google Calendar, a preinstalled application on Android smartphones.

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5 type applications “to-do lists” to properly organize your tasks

Any.DO Task List


KoalCat’s Clear



Excellent Sunrise is an application created by French and acquired by Microsoft. A must-have Android.

To take notes …

We do not all have a Galaxy Note or Shield Tablet to take notes with a stylus. But we can all enjoy hundreds of note taking applications from Google Play. I have tested dozens, and I always come back to two apps, Evernote and Google Keep. great classics.

Google Keep

Google Inc.


Evernote – get organized.

Evernote Corporation


To manage files …

Yep, on Android, is the famous file manager, as on Linux, OS X or Windows. Except that on Android, you have a choice. Copy, paste, cut, extract … You can do anything. There are a lot of changes in that environment lately. ES Explorer, long considered a benchmark has become increasingly intrusive while applications such as Solid Explorer or File Manager (yes) remain sure.

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What file manager for Android?

ES File Explorer

ES Global


Solid Explorer File Manager



File manager

Cheetah Mobile


To edit your documents …

Word, Excel, PowerPoint … there are comprehensive tools for editing your documents on Android. Google Docs or WPS Office will allow you to edit everything, even the PDF. Note the handsome Microsoft effort on Android this year. The full Office suite was nicely adapted to Android. To fully benefit, it must however have an Office 365 account.

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Comparison of office suites

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Corporation


Google Docs

Google Inc.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Corporation


To cloud …

Managing your files online, it’s even better to reach it where you want. For my part, between the different facets of my life, I use different services. Dropbox and Hubic. The first is integrated throughout the second is