The Apple Watch price drop, but still more expensive than Android Wear watches

Apple has just finished his keynote, with few announcements about the Apple Watch: anecdotal things like new bracelets, but also a significant drop in prices.

The Apple Watch is the watch connected most sold, but Apple drop the price. That’s what we chose this show, which seems to be an admission performance of this product category, which is struggling to convince consumers. On the other hand, this is not surprising. The Apple Watch has promotions for several weeks. We could also expect a new model in a few months: the first model will indeed soon celebrate its first year of marketing.

In short, Apple Watch Sport, the entry-level model, passes 299 dollars instead of 349 dollars. We have not yet prices in Euro, we must imagine a price between 300 and 350 euros. What remains much more expensive than Android Wear products, where you can find the first models to about 150 euros.

Next, Apple has unveiled new bracelets, the last is in the nylon style NATO declined in several dark gray, pink, blue or orange. Besides, Apple insists that users of Apple Watch regularly change like bracelets, which should encourage manufacturers Android watch Wear to reveal more and more similar accessories.