The Apple technical surprising to catch iPhone thieves

In the future, fly a iPhone will probably be more risky. The smartphone might indeed begin to collect fresh whole bunch of information about the crook who pilfered, such as fingerprints, photos, videos or sound recordings. Where appropriate, these incriminating data could then be transmitted to a server and made available to the lawful owner or the police, who can compare them to a database of information. It is in any case that describes a patent Apple has filed in the United States (No. 20160248769).

Such a device could complete aggressively the current service “Locate” which already allows to geotag their device, to make it sound, to block or delete it. The capture of these credentials would not be automatic but would require specific action by the owner ( “trigger”).

If taking pictures or videos may seem natural and practical enough for this type of situation, the capture of fingerprints could be more problematic. It would probably using the Touch ID sensor. But this, at present, is built and configured so that the fingerprint read is immediately encrypted and can never get out of the device, for the sake of protection of personal data. This new anti-theft device would add, therefore, an exception to this principle. What some do not hesitate to call a security breach. The implementation of this technology, if it will be one day, so may be tricky.