The APK photo enforcement and KitKat Gallery is available

Photography has never been honestly the highlight of Nexus. Classmate sitting in the classroom, Google is trying to join the ranks of good student in this critical matter, as we have seen in the first publicity devoted to the Nexus 5. The APK’s photo application available on the smartphone is now available for download.

The photo application of the Nexus 5, provided by Android 4.4 KitKat, features a number of innovations, like the Gallery. Everything has been reviewed in the colors of Android the most chocolaty ever seen, which leaves the blue to move to a more neutral white, anywhere in the smartphone. The photo application is not part of the change, even if it provides access to the Panorama modes and Photosphere improved. However, it should be remembered that the results of the Nexus 5 depend mainly on its physical characteristics (optical stabilization, shutter speed) while the photo gallery has undergone the most changes.

As you can see here, the Gallery app now includes a photo editing function approaching more and more the application of Snapseed service in which Google has invested in 2012. What short the features offered by the various manufacturers in their home interfaces! Anyway, it is already possible to test these applications, available as APK, but optimal operation is not guaranteed depending on your device.

APK of the Photo app

APK photo gallery

Besides the photo application for Android 4.4, Google the new keyboard is also available for download, as well as the latest version of Hangouts.