The Android TV interface is getting a little beauty

Google decided to spend a little bit of paint on the walls of Android TV. The interface for the TV box has not really evolved since launching last year. The update of the Google TV app for Android 2.0 brings so slight graphical tweaks, but nothing revolutionary.

Android TV was launched at the Google I / O in June 2014. Since then, the interface has not changed much. The first “big” changes just been applied by Google through the Android app TV in version 2.0. Our colleagues of Android Police website could get their hands on the APK to discover the innovations of “launcher” Android TV.

New, cosmetic, are light enough. We note as well the emergence of a new voice search logo on a docking screen, which changes from blue to white when the keyboard icon it goes from white to blue. If before, click on the microphone icon displayed an input field, this time, the action displays a new page indicating that Android TV waits for instructions from the user, avoiding making him believe that he or enter text. This new page has a large dark area, avoiding dazzle the user in the dark as you can see in the picture below.

The search results are displayed in the same way as before with one difference: the bottom no longer a clear transparency layer. Again, the new technique avoids display a clear image when the user uses Android TV in a dark room. This is also the same goes for the new keyboard, which has a wide black headband.

If your application for Android Google TV has not been updated, you can grab the APK directly on Mirror APK site.