The Amazon App Store for Android soon online?

According to several sources, Amazon would be about to launch its own app store to Android. It would be unveiled in March and arises as a direct competitor to the Android Market run by Google.

If Amazon has not made an official announcement regarding the launch of this new app store online, much as Bloomberg and the LA Times, suggest that the app tailer blind could open its doors this month. “All I can say is that this is now coming soon” was content to comment on the spokesman of the group, Anya Warning, adding “we start with Android apps in as it s ‘is an open ecosystem. If the customer is waiting for you, and if it is beneficial to us, then we will be open to selling applications on other platforms in the future. ”

Amazon has posted in January a portal dedicated to application developers, allowing them to submit their work for a validation and integration to the shop. According to Bloomberg, app purchase will be possible on smartphones and tablets with the same ergonomics that a standard acquisition on the e-retailer, including through the purchase option with one click. Amazon should reserve 30% of the sale price, a percentage already applied for e-books on the Kindle platform.

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 12:30

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