The Amazing Spider-Man arrives on the Google Play Store to weave its web

In anticipation of the release of the first episode of the reboot of the Spider-Man series, Gameloft has developed the official game The Amazing Spider-Man. This new episode has just show the tip of his nose on the Google Play Store. Let’s see just what happens.

In this game, you will don the role of Peter Parker in his famous red and blue suit to save the city of New York small thugs but also big crooks trying to stir up trouble in the streets of the Big Apple.

The game follows the plot of the film through multiple missions that will take you in different neighborhoods of the city. Beyond the missions, you can also just wander around the city like a GTA and why not sharpen your superhero instinct by performing random missions or discovering items or simply admiring the city.

The Amazing Spider-Man


€ 6.99

In detail, with this game you can

Fight the Lizard and his men and thwart his plans

New York in full 3D with graphics and dazzling effects

Freely explore the island of Manhattan with its mythical places such as Central Park and Times Square

Action with over 25 exciting mission without counting the random assignment

A combat tendering system combining melee, ranged combat and combos

The video trailer and screenshots in the following section.

The Amazing Spider-Man (LAUNCH TRAILER) – … by gameloft