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Review of: Yoga Pro 3 Tab tested by Romain Challand Reviewed by: Romain Challand Rating: 4 On November 27, 2015 Last modified: November 27, 2015


Some reservations were expressed about the Yoga Tab 2 Pro, but this new version we won a lot more. We feel that we approach an ideal product with improved overall performance, and a pico-projector that is changing a bit. In detail, it has a more compact size, improved finishes, a higher-resolution screen, a more powerful SoC, a redesigned interface and a more attractive multimedia part.

The only point that does not change from the previous model, it is in fact the autonomy of the beast, which is more or less average. tariff side, the Yoga Tab 3 Pro is offered at the same price as the Pro Tab 2 at its output, which obviously makes the value more interesting than on the latter.

A tablet that we strongly advise those who have the opportunity to use the pico-projector in ideal conditions. For others, without the pico-projector version will unfortunately not relevant because if it spares the words “Pro” and is simply called “Yoga Tab 3”, she also saving the effort of taking decent components HD slab 10.1 inches, Snapdragon 212, and 1GB of RAM.

So the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, or a model of another brand. more Details

Lenovo introduced at the IFA Show its new line of Yoga tablets. And like last year, the one that really interests us is the Yoga Tab 3 Pro integrates a pico projector supposed to make your most pleasant evenings. Last year, her eldest had hit us, but showed some gaps, and we hope that this new edition will be more mesmerizing. Test.

Technical sheet

Model Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab

Android 5.1 Lollipop software

Screen size 10.1 inches

IPS LCD technology

Definition 2560 x 1600 pixels

Resolution 299 ppi

SoC Intel Atom x5-Z8500

4 CPU cores Airmont

GPU Intel HD Graphics


32 GB internal memory

microSD support Yes, up to 128 GB

13 megapixel cameras (rear)

5 megapixel (front)

No SIM Card

Bluetooth v4.0



Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac



Battery mAh 10200

Dimensions 247 x 179 x variable thickness

Weight 667 grams

Price 499 euros

Still as practical

Aesthetically, Lenovo did not bring many novelties in his Yoga Tab 3 Pro. We actually found the form-factor of the range – that one sees nowhere else – with a cylinder that can deploy a stand with several positions of use, and which also hides a big mAh battery 10,200 and the pico-projector. In the past, that is to say on the Yoga Tab 2 Pro, this projector stood at the end of the cylinder while it is now placed more centrally. According to Lenovo, this offers more possibilities of dissemination, the user can easily play on the height of the projected image. This is indeed the case, especially since it is easier to navigate on the tablet when it is being projected.

This base expands by pressing a center button, then the was built before the JBL subwoofer that is now gone, and so is discovered beneath a cover for the microSD slot. Overall, this installation of the base seems better than the previous model. At the end of the cylinder, an ignition button takes place, while the other end incorporates a button for turning on the projector pico-seconds when pressed. The base / foot aluminum is stiffer than the previous model, and so there is less play when the folds and unfolds.

With this more compact (10 inches instead of 13 inches), the tablet is also for a larger target audience. so we face us a more compact tablet with dimensions of 247 x 179 for a variable thickness. At its thinnest point, the tablet is 4.8 mm, 9.9 mm at its center, and 2.2 cm at the cylinder center. If it is practical, it actually not necessarily the easiest tablet to take on the road. It is assumed that this is the thinking that animated Lenovo when choosing a smaller size for this Tab 3 Pro.

To add a touch of originality to his slate, Lenovo has opted for a mix hull aluminum, plastic and faux leather. The aluminum covers the foot, as indicated above, and the plastic is at the level of the shelf ends. The rest of the unit is dressed in faux leather, therefore, on which is engraved the Yoga logo. This tablet opposite side also features the new Lenovo logo, typography font more “young”. Screen borders appear to be thinner than previously, and a large gate is between its cylinder and the screen.

Overall, the level of finish of this tablet is high, and the anthracite model is really elegant. It even comes to enjoy the faux leather, giving a note of change to a still very strict in its looks.

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A screen that is gaining in quality

As has just about all the individual components of this tablet, Lenovo has tried to do better than before with its screen. Yoga Tab 2 Pro showed a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels at 13 inches, with a resolution of about 221 pixels per inch. On this model, it is slightly better in terms of resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) on a smaller slab (10.1 inches). And this combination provides a resolution of about 300 pixels per inch, far more pleasing to the eye so. When testing the Yoga Tab 2, indicated in speaking of the resolution: “we hope that the next model will be further developed on this point.” Wish granted.

Passed under the pitiless eye of our probe, the tablet screen showing the right. The contrast is measured to 1102: 1 (rather good), while the brightness is 453 cd / m2, more than enough to deal with all situations. The color temperature is too high, turning 7000 K, with a lack of red. To explain simply, the colors will not always entirely true, but apart if you are a real enthusiast screens or photographs, you should not really see the difference.

In use, this screen is very good, with quality slab. The viewing angles are very good because the slab is very close to the glass. A real sense of comfort spring of using this screen, and both say that this is not always the case. Nevertheless, it is a minimum for a tablet that is trading at 500 euros.

Finally the change in the interface

A quick tour of the corridors of time, and the test of the Yoga Tab 2 Pro reminds us what we thought of the Lenovo interface: “it’s a big mess, where icons are all aligned, and difficult recognizable. Except for applications, no pre-sorting is done (you can organize by folder after course), and applications roam across multiple pages. This is due to the lack of app drawer, yet key element in Android. ” A rather negative, especially since the interface was really packed with unnecessary applications (software bloat).

Luckily, Ashton Kutcher, now “chief designer” of the industry dedicated to Yoga tablets, has obviously heard my criticisms leveled when testing the Yoga Tab 2 (second degree). The interface has been largely alleviated, with the removal of unnecessary applications, and app drawer was even built for a more close of Android. This tablet is passing installed Android 5.1 Lollipop, and it is expected deployment of Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the first months of 2016.

We regretted not finding against many thoughts features specifically for this tablet.