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Review of HTC Vive tested by Romain Challand Reviewed by: Romain Challand Rating: 5 On April 19, 2016 Last modified: June 24, 2016


Released around the same time as the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive is the first “great experience” virtual reality to the general public. The Taiwanese manufacturer, which worked hand in hand with Valve, here offers a real quality product that blends also strangely well with the latest HTC 10.

If the Oculus Rift is the star of the VR, the live shows that he has not much to envy, carrying the same technical characteristics (or almost) and operating on a similar principle.

The helmet, and countless sensors, is very unpleasant not to wear, offer the consumer a choice to use a personal headset, and is adjustable through a strong system of straps. The laser emitters are reliable, and the handles are perfect precision. The design is excellent.

Experience is the sinews of war, and you will not be disappointed at this level. The quality of the integrated display facilitates the adoption of the product, which is even more lenient with the eyes, causing no headaches or dizziness.

The only downside is finally no title song. Here is a challenge for the future is done when choosing to invest in a HTC Vive. An investment of more than 900 euros, not counting the price of the computer system requirements for running games. A purchase that reflects well for an exceptional product. more Details

Now in our possession for over a week, the HTC Vive first virtual reality helmet developed by HTC and Valve, gave us all (or most) of its secrets. After we attacked the content and user experience, just to forge a real opinion on technology that finally comes to truly playful way, it is time to turn to the hardware. And as experience matters, it is not about to be disappointed with this product.

Our test video

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The contents of the box

If you cross your mailman a little breathless at your doorstep, this is because the box that HTC Vive is not the light kind. I must say it has many elements, starting with the headset itself. There are also two base stations, a sync cable (optional), two AC adapters for base stations, a mounting kit, connecting housing, a mounting pad of the liaison unit, HDMI cable, a USB cable, headphones, spare cushion for the face, a cleaning cloth, two micro-USB chargers for controllers and two controllers so.


The headset incorporates HTC Vive 32 sensors, which will receive the lasers distributed by the issuers, but also two OLED screens for a total resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels and a 110 degree field of view. The image refresh rate is 90 Hz, and the headset incorporates a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

HTC Vive Oculus Rift

OLED Display Type OLED

Resolution 2160 x 1200 pixels 2160 x 1200 pixels

eye with resolution 1080 x 1200 pixels 1080 × 1200 pixels

Frequency 90 Hz 90 Hz

Viewing angle 110 degrees 110 degrees

Audio Built No, jack port. Yes

Sensors Gyroscope, accelerometer gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer

Connectors HDMI / USB HDMI / USB

Recommended price 899 euros + 699 euros postage

distance adjustment

This HTC Vive, like the virtual reality helmets less developed, it is possible to adjust the distance between the eyes and the screen of the product. For this, the helmet has a small knob on the lower right corner, and increases the distance by turning the knob in the direction of clockwise.

But as we felt the difference in sharpness when settled this distance on headphones like the Samsung Gear VR, as we find it difficult to see any difference on this helmet. All persons having tried to writing have also never touched the wheel without even complaining about the quality of the image. It seems more appropriate to adjust the helmet on his nose when you lose sharpness rather than touch the dial.

Straps and weight

With a device of this size, one must admit that the weight of the product was finally a good surprise. It was expected to lean dangerously forward, but it was ultimately not the case.

However, it will ensure that developers of games that it does not need too often look toward our feet. For example, the only game rather unpleasant for our necks and the extra weight it must bear is the mini-golf game. We always head bent forward to tap the damn ball, and we did not kick the fun more than a few minutes. Unless this is because the game is bad?

troublesome son

Whether to isolate a main problem with this HTC Vive (Oculus is also concerned), it is the presence of a large wired installation. Son of passing through the upper strap over your head, then fell behind your neck. After these against son fall to the ground, and when in our virtual world, you have to constantly keep an eye (or foot) on the wire if we are to avoid an unfortunate fall.

On the other hand, the son are heavy and it’s difficult to forget the blow, and some will say that this keeps the user on this planet. Given the length of wire, it is still likely that some install a system of hooks or ceiling pulley to not be bothered by this installation.

No integrated sound system

Unlike the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive does not carry directly integrated sound system. Instead, a device Jack dangling and allows you to connect headphones of your choice. Or even nothing at all connect if you prefer duplicate the sound live on your TV. With very good speakers, there must be something fun.

display quality and visual comfort

Frankly, after a few tens of minutes spent on the Samsung Gear VR, our brain weakens broadly. Sometimes he even sometimes removed the helmet after having a little dizzy or having sore eyes. With the kind of virtual reality helmet that is the Vive, and these products are seen as sophisticated, it absolutely feels no discomfort.

In truth, any user of our test helmet had the slightest concern. Bitterest have even been able to afford several consecutive hours of play without problems. It was finally when removing the helmet that’s a bit disoriented, our brain is accustomed to the new environment.

Hygiene and cushion

When one is thirty to asking our front and our noses against the HTC Vive, some with varying degrees of sweating, we begin to ask very very very seriously the issue of hygiene and protective foam cleaning. For now, it does not seem qu’HTC had planned to sell spare foams, or at least they do not appear yet on the manufacturer’s website.

So luckily, HTC has scheduled an emergency foam. But in reality, this is not really an alternative option, but a different foam ergonomics


If Cheers was a helmet, the user experience would be a little spoiled, unless one possesses gloves equipped with sensors, which could replace the handles (it will come soon). That is why these helmets VR, sophisticated, are setting controllers. And the levers of Vive really great to handle.

The weight is very well distributed, and the buttons fall neatly under the fingers. The trigger actuated with the index, es