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Review of: Withings Go tested by Romain Challand Reviewed by: Romain Challand Rating: 3 On May 14, 2016 Last modified: May 13, 2016


As we regularly come across “basic” smartphones, that is to say without particular asset, without charm, the Withings Go is the activity tracker “classic” par excellence.

He has our steps, check our quality of sleep (light, deep …), mark and record our data sports (swimming, running, biking), gives the time (if you know decipher) and these are its own features. We certainly have enjoyed having a little something extra to put in their mouths.

That little something is actually in the practical aspect of Go. It can be worn on the wrist, holding onto pants or shoes, simply slip into your pocket, or attach to a key ring. And it is frankly a good idea.

With Go, Withings also seeking to attract an audience seeking a tracker of cheap activities. But here, it seems that competition is also fierce, and thinking of the Xiaomi Mi Band we seem to find easily in France now for thirty euros. Go for it will cost 69.95 euros. more Details

At CES, we discovered some curiosities for watches or bracelets connected. And in the lot, there was obviously the Withings Go and colorful silicone bracelets. A product that is supposed to offer an alternative at a lower cost to watches and activity Activity Pop but gripe greatly on the quality to lower prices. Discovery.

It’s cheap, but convenient

Take a Misfit Shine. Remove all that is metallic. Add an e-ink screen can provide little more information than the LED one. Put the camera in a solid silicone bracelet. Congratulations, you are now in possession of a Withings GB.

But if Withings has opted for light and somewhat brittle materials, it is mainly to enable the GB to be versatile. That offers the brand is to fix a little anywhere. You may very well choose to wear the wrist (it will be more convenient to control sleep, for that matter), to fix the laces of your shoes, or hang it on your key chain as the manufacturer provides the once a rubber strap and a clip. With this model, you will not be afraid of scratches, falls or anything. Well, if you overwrite the module inadvertently, there is still a chance that you do rigoliez halfway.

The product is circular, with a diameter of 34 mm, and a thickness of about 7 millimeters. Access to the battery from the back of the object, and it does not go off elsewhere when removed, but continues to display the screen where you left off. After delivery of the battery, being careful not to lose the gasket, wait a minute before it resumes its normal activity. But there’s no need to sync again GB.

Moreover, to open the Go, it is necessary to delve into the product box and find the little tool for this task. The notch is a bit special, and you will hardly find a common object with the same profile – except a coin, of course.

If you happen to have a problem with the GB and having to reset it, also know that the maneuver is far from obvious. The concern came and it took us directly contact Withings. The firm says that the operation is complicated “to avoid an unwanted reset.” We must therefore press for about 25 seconds on the screen until a star appears in the middle, release and press again on the screen 5 times. The module will be reset and your smartphone will be able to pair with him.

Go is also waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower without fear. Overall, this is a product that is very plastic and will not appeal to those for whom aesthetics is a strong argument. Although in the field of connected bracelets, the design is very rarely worked. But we had better at Withings.

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A screen to the limited interest …

The great marketing argument of this activity tracker is obviously its e-ink screen, as is found on e-readers or the back of the YotaPhone (E-Ink is a brand, but the term is commonly used to instead of e-paper). This technology offers a black and white display that allows very efficient and good legibility in all conditions.

This is the use that is more puzzled about this screen. First, it is quite “difficult” to support it, that is to say, it takes a good pressure to switch screens. The advantage is that there are only two screens and you will not need support often. The first is a very minimalist clock to which it will be used if you really want to succeed read the time. The second is a summary of your activity, and you approach your goal, the more bars are added to your dial. And that’s all.

It is still a shame to have to wrestle a screen so thin information. Ultimately, much to settle for LED displays as the Misfit Shine or Xiaomi Mi Band. It will go into the application to view the most accurate data.

… Except for autonomy

If we must speak of an e-ink screen, it seems difficult to separate the autonomy. Because that is where lies the interest of this technology. And at that level, the GB endurance promises foolproof: eight months. To recharge, there is no control, but a simple button cell to change.

And a testing week as saying that it is difficult to check whether this data is accurate. By cons, you may one day be caught off guard as the remaining charge level seems to be displayed either on the strap or on mobile.

Very traditional data

Speaking of mobile, the Withings is quite clear and easy to handle. After configuring your profile and your device, your sleep data and number of steps are displayed on the main page, and you do not even need special leave for other actions. Just click on the graphic for details.

sleep side, time duration is obtained spent in bed, sleep duration, and what it represents as a percentage of our goal. It is then the composition of your sleep is explained, with a division of time awake, light sleep and deep sleep.

And the graph of activity gives you the number of steps taken, calories burned, and percentage of goal made. And it is also a bit less readable than the sleep data.

The application also proposes to measure their heart rate by placing his finger on the flash of your phone. This is to analyze the differences of colors on the screen during the pulsations, and was seen as more reliable method. But why not. It is also possible to indicate her blood pressure – not to measure – indicating the index of systolic and diastolic pressure. And if like us you know nothing about, this feature will be very little use (none, actually).

Finally, it is possible to couple the application MyFitnessPal to “manage” your meal. Withings and MyFitnessPal are friends, and the power data you enter on the latter will be directly visible in the Withings application.

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The design of this product is not very successful, but it’s not looking that Withings here. The aim is to provide a discrete product, efficient, and low cost. In this sense it is successful, but the détrimen