Test: Toshiba FlashAir, Wi-Fi memory card for easy access to your photos

Toshiba offers a SDHC 32GB card that stands out for its Wi-Fi. It serves to distribute photos in it to mobile devices. Is it easy to use? What performance?

Toshiba’s FlashAir like any other SDHC card and thus installs easily into any digital camera using this card format.

The opinion of eLaptopComputer.com; Toshiba FlashAir W-03 32GB

The version we tested has a 32GB storage capacity and has a certification “Class 10”. This guarantees a write speed of 10MB / s. Data that we validate because we measured actual flow rates of 18.2 MB / s read and 12.5 MB / s write. Correct scores, but no more. This is enough for example to record HD video, but the speed is insufficient for video and 4K RAW images with a sustained burst. Pity.

Once the map is on, its Wi-Fi interface is activated and generates its own Wi-Fi network. Simply connect it via a tablet, smartphone or laptop to access images via a simple browser Web (http: // FlashAir /). It just ensure that the camera does not automatically turn off because it then cuts the Wi-Fi connection. It is therefore recommended to turn off standby. Toshiba also plans FlashAir the free application for iOS and Android to facilitate viewing and download any pictures.

Toshiba FlashAir W-03 32 GB: The Promise

In theory this function to upload their photos without a computer is therefore a very good thing. But in practice, the flows are unfortunately quite slow. We measured a rate of about 1.6 MB / s to transfer the photos on our Samsung Galaxy Note tablet test. Once the beautiful images returnees your mobile device, it is obviously possible to share on social networks, by email or SMS.

The app has functions to change the password for the Wi-Fi network of the SDHC card, but also to connect it to the home Wi-Fi network. In this mode “bridge”, we could see the pictures with our tablet, but normally surf any website (the tablet communicates with the SDHC card which is then connected to the Internet).

For notebook users, Toshiba has planned a small program to configure the FlashAir card and make its content accessible directly from the Windows file explorer.

Note that a similar software is also available for Mac OS, to download from the manufacturer’s website.

(Photo credits: Lionel Morillon)

The FlashAir Toshiba is a handy SDHC card to view and directly transfer the images his camera photos to the tablet, smartphone or laptop. It is not very fast, but its speed and sufficient if we do not work with RAW photos or 4K videos. Its free application correctly sealant. Sold 40 euros, it could attract, among others, a customer who loves to share snapshots quickly on the Internet using the connection of a smartphone.

Toshiba FlashAir W-03 32 GB: reality

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