Test Technology MX-DS Series: an outsider in SandForce

Technology MX-DS Series MX (Mach Xtreme) Technology is a young company founded in January 2010. In other words, it takes the train SSD running, and high speed at that! That does not mean the brand to offer a disc rather attractive specifications: the back of very simple carton ad up to 250 MB / s read and up to 230MB / s write. Better than the Crucial therefore, and even better than the majority of SSD!

How Technology MX SSD he manages to achieve these speeds, especially in writing? With a controller still little used by manufacturers, but becoming a bestseller: the SandForce 12xx. In this instance, the SF-1222 team that our test SSD. This controller has the distinction of not using external cache as does eg Marvell present in the Crucial C300. This is actually part of the fleas on the PCB that will act as a replacement solution. The result: while the SSD consists of 16 MLC NAND chips of 8 GB each, the disc has a capacity of “only” 100GB (instead of the expected 128 GB).

TRIM is obviously controlled by the SandForce SF-1222, as NCQ or SMART. Noted that SandForce has released a new firmware there is this two weeks (to date) and we obviously flashed our test SSD.

Designed 2.5-inch format, the MX Series DS Technology has a brushed aluminum chassis and sports a sticker no glitz. It is designed for an MTBF of 1.5 million hours and is guaranteed for 2 years by the brand. The prices? Raised: 144 euros version 50 GB and 530 euros for the 200 GB model.

synthetic and practical tests

What makes this SSD facing a test software like Everest? What results in practical tests of data transfer? You will find quantified and compared results in the following pages

Synthetic tests

Practice tests

MX Technology SD Series Most small files Writing + + very low access time + Good overall performance Cons – Price too high … – Flow rates sequential write – perf Drop with synthetic filling 2.5 Performance Performance Performance practice / price

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