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Review of Pokémon Go tested by Manuel Castejon Reviewed by: Manuel Rating: 4 On July 20, 2016 Last modified: July 21, 2016


In itself, Pokémon GO is not actually a good play. Between his various bugs, lack of effective tutorial, its repetitive side, its obligation to constantly move forward or hope for the unequal distribution of Pokémon depending on the area, it is positioned far from Ingress, who nevertheless served as a base.

Yet beyond this purely technical aspect, Niantic managed a real achievement by capitalizing on a license with potential and realizing the childhood dream of many players. More than a game, Pokémon GO is a true societal prodigy who manages to get out of the home more relaxed, look at the players, and to turn a simple square in real hunting ground for anyone with a smartphone. This is all the more impressive that the game is not yet officially available at the time of writing these lines, and many expect even before embarking on the adventure.

There is no doubt that there will be a before and after Pokémon GO, and maybe it finally democratize augmented reality at a time when everyone swears by virtual reality. One can even hope that some mobile manufacturers now make more attention to autonomy and to their GPS devices to facilitate access to this technology, which would not be a luxury.

It is also certain that many will quickly get bored and may not return ever on the application, but Pokémon GO manages to recreate the addiction of other games in the franchise by leveraging a chord with collectors, but also to vibrating the fiber nostalgic of all the children of the late 90/2000 years. Suffice to say that he still has good days ahead, especially as the scope for growth is still enormous. more Details

Having managed to move millions of players with Ingress, Niantic Inc., a former subsidiary of Google became autonomous today, returns to the front of the stage with Pokémon GO, an augmented reality game in partnership with The Pokémon Company. A smartphone is now sufficient to achieve the dream of many players kid: to become a true master Pokémon after chasing and collected each 151 pocket monsters.

“That someone tries to go to the park to try to catch the Caninos and Eevee? “. “There is Jigglypuff at the Porte Saint-Martin! “. These phrases to look so incongruous became recently examples of dialogue that it is possible to hear the turning of a conversation. Guilty party? Pokémon GO, the new game of Niantic and The Pokémon Company has become even before its release in France a real phenomenon. It has already captured millions of players worldwide and is already among the most downloaded applications of all blinds where it is located. But it was he did a good game so far? Trying to decipher the whole.

The most difficult choice of your life

Like many games, Pokémon GO starts with a summary of its avatar customization and baptism. haircut, color clothes and backpack … the possibilities are many good and we regret initially that the choice may not be more diverse. But the real hero of the game is not really that character, that could very well be a Street View Pegman. Besides the player, who has to give of himself to achieve his ends, the real protagonists of this game are the Pokémon, and one finds herself faced with a difficult choice, namely that of Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur ( or Pikachu) will be your first driving companion.

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Nevertheless, this choice proves far less painful than the original games of the license since the other are more or less easily in nature and can therefore be captured later. Also note that only the first generation is represented here – for now, limiting the final roster at 151 bugs only.

The starting Pokémon.

I will pass through the entire Earth

Once these few formalities have been completed, it’s time to get going to catch Pokémon in virtual reality. Then starts a journey that sometimes requires great courage. open application, we start to wander “in real life” around what looks like a Google Maps cleanly and soberly cartoonisé. These walks have three advantages: Meet Pokémon to expand its Pokédex, go to Pokéstop (corresponding to real interest points) to get bonus items, and the benefits of walking on the body. On condition of course be one of those players who will not hesitate to make detours or out for the sole purpose of catching Pokémon.

And this is perhaps one of the biggest limitations of Pokémon GO. Those who are content to launch GO Pokémon on their daily commute will see their Pokémon catalog quickly cap. After capturing twenty Pidgey to Zubat and Rattata without crossing a pocket monster a little more unusual, some may quickly get tired and give up the chase rather than to motivate yourself to go to places perhaps better trimmed.

You will “transfer” your duplicates to collect candy for improving one of your Pokémon.

There the city, the mountains and the sea …

Each location is also supposed to have its own Pokémon more or less connected with the place. In the city center, so it is not unusual to meet many birds and rodents, while aquatic Pokémon are easier to find nearby bodies of water. Their density is however quite uneven and it can be difficult for those living in the countryside to meet enough creatures to really have fun without traveling hundreds of kilometers.

Kilometers, it is anyway necessary to cross to incubate the eggs found along the way. This is also quite frustrating since accounting km is more approximate, and it is not uncommon to walk a long distance without the counter increases accordingly. Conversely, GPS is very unstable, so that the character sometimes moves alone, increasing the number of terminals covered.

PokéGo in the country … I confirm. pic.twitter.com/KqrYU77bER

– Julien Cadot (@JulienCdt) July 20, 2016

crash-type Pokémon

GPS bug is not the only one of the game. If the saturation of the servers is easily acceptable for the Youth of the game and the number of people connecting through informal means (by installing an APK on Android or changing the nationality of his account on iOS), the freezes when capturing a rare Pokémon are as common as particularly frustrating. In the same vein, it happens that the application seems perfectly functional but should not become out of date, requiring a reboot to pop new Pokémon or change the list of nearby creatures.

And when it does not crash, Pokémon GO is very greedy. If you want to go hunting all day, it is most widely recommended to provide yourself with an external battery, and cut the application time to time to let your smartphone cool.

I will fight without respite

Furthermore the concept of “catch all”, the Pokémon license is also based on confrontation. Pokémon GO therefore could not miss this dimension and offers to go to the arenas to confront the local champion. The turn is however not valid here, replaced by a real-time system