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Review of: Motorola Moto 360 Sport tested by Gaël Weiss Reviewed by: Gaël Weiss Rating: 3 On January 31, 2016 Last modified: January 29, 2016


What is the difference between a classic and sporty watch as Android Wear? After testing the Moto Sport 360, the difference is so thin that we have a little trouble seeing. Moto 360 Sport has a good GPS it a more sporty design and a screen that can actually play outside, even with high brightness. Arguments that may be interesting for runners (joggers) but not necessarily for other sports given the lack of software options that present this watch.

Therefore, we will struggle to advise you that sports version. On one hand, the true sports enthusiasts may find real trackers activities or far more comprehensive smartwatchs in competition. Garmin or Fitbit are much more serious in this area. On the other side, despite its design rather successful, it will be difficult to advise this sporty variant for those who seek a smartwatch on Android Wear. Its silicone strap is not very comfortable in everyday life and the second generation of Moto 360 shows both a little less expensive and more comfortable than his sister.

In short, the Moto Sport 360 is a product that still has too many weaknesses, essentially software, in order to successfully reach a specific audience or attract a large segment of users. more Details

Launched alongside the 360 ​​second-generation Moto, Moto Sport 360 is presented as “a fitness partner.” To do this, the Sport version abandons traditional plastic bracelets to adopt silicone, acquires a special display visible in sunlight and embeds a GPS chip. But is it enough to make a real sports accessory?

Technical sheet

Motorola Moto 360 Motorola Moto Sport 360 model (2015)

screen size 1.37 inches 1.37 or 1.56 inch

LCD screen technology has the technology “AnyLight hybrid display” LCD

Protection Gorilla Glass 3 screen Gorilla Glass 3

Display resolution 360 × 325 pixels 360 x 325 pixels

360 x 330 pixels

Screen Format Circular Circular

memory 4GB 4GB

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 at 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz

RAM 512 MB 512 MB

GPS Yes No

WiFi Yes

Dimensions 45 × 45 × 11.5 mm 42 x 42 x 11.4 mm

46 x 46 x 11.4 mm

Weight (box) 54 g N / A

Battery 300 mAh 300 or 400 mAh

pulse measurement Yes

gyroscope sensors



gyro compass



Reloading Wireless Wireless induction induction

Water resistance IP 67 IP 67

MotoMaker No (black strap silicone only) Yes

Price from 299 euros from 299 euros

With some exceptions, the Moto 360 Sport is nothing more than a second-generation Moto 360 has a smaller screen, adapted to outdoor conditions and with a silicone strap. Its components are in fact identical, whether as regards the SoC, RAM and storage space. One small difference, the 360 ​​Sport Moto embeds a GPS chip, so as to make a run without having to take on his smartphone itself.


Testing the Motorola Moto 360 (2nd generation): a smooth evolution

Design: Silicone, sports material

Either the 360 ​​Sport Moto does not change radically in design compared to a conventional 360 Moto second generation. What you notice immediately is its size, which is smaller than that of conventional 360 Motorcycle. The screen is 1.37 inch and thus its case is 45 mm in diameter, halfway between the large and the small model.

The size of the Moto 360 Sport is neither too big nor too small.

And if the watch is still too thick, we must admit that this smaller size is good point. It adapts better to the small wrists which gives it an appearance of “real” watch. It is more discreet and, in my opinion, and despite its name, rather elegant. The reference Sport, for once, is not synonymous with flashy colors or design some work.

The silicone strap around the housing. Impossible to replace.

Finally, the main design originality of this Moto Sport 360 comes from its silicone strap. This is supposed to be water resistant and sweat in order to better adapt to the outdoor activities of the user. If we stick to a sport, it is actually rather well suited and perfectly filled his office. For everyday use, I am much more divided.

The side button features a metal grip.

Not only this bracelet tends to hang a trace of dust and whitewash easily with dirt, but he proves more uncomfortable when wearing the watch several hours away. After one or two hours, I still had the wrist began to sweat, even while remaining quietly behind my PC. Which is very unpleasant.

The thickness of the Sport Moto 360 is identical to that of the classic 360 Motorcycle.

Note also that this silicone strap which completely surrounds the case of this watch is irremovable. Not only Moto 360 Sport has no right to the Moto Maker, but in addition it is impossible to change the strap. The Sport version has indeed no “horn”. We must therefore take care and wash regularly.

A poorer display than the Moto 360 2015

No or little surprises on the screen, it is still a LCD panel with more or less similar features to that of the Moto 360 2015. If the definition is the same (360 × 325 pixels), it also found that ugly black band bar screen and allows the Moto 360 to carry a light sensor. We forgave in 2014 with the release of the first smartwatchs, but after the Samsung Gear S2, which also has a light sensor and a screen without black bars, it is a bit less forgiving.

From the front, so good …

The screen of this Moto 360 also has a special technology called “hybrid AnyLight display ‘. A technology that allows the LCD panel to adjust the lighting of the screen according to ambient light – like any other watch with a light sensor in fact – but also adds the ability to make displaying the visible shows, regardless of the outside weather. In other words, Motorola has made sure to make the screen shows its visible even in strong sunlight, outdoors, that rarely allows the display of other connected watches.

… But the viewing angles are poor.

In use, it must be admitted that this technology works quite well outdoors. Unlike other Android smartwatchs recently tested, I found myself never press the button Moto Sports 360 to read without straining the displayed time. Indoors, there is not much to complain about, the brightness is high enough to never have to frown to read the time.

When watchface is clear or white, the edges tend to iridescent. Which is pretty ugly.

If this technology is very convenient for runners, it has an extremely painful consideration: viewing angles change colors completely. Quite simply, if the display of the watch is not exactly in front of the eyes, red becomes yellow and white puts out as to render them unreadable indications. An absent default 360 second-generation Moto. To benefit from this screen, so it is better to use a dark watchface.

Android Wear, a bad OS sports?

It’s Android Wear that animates the Moto Sport 360, like all Moto 360 outputs far by Motorola. No one