Test Logitech K750: a solar keyboard

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

A wireless keyboard is very convenient … But it requires the purchase of rechargeable batteries! Not the latest addition to Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard is, as its name suggests, a rechargeable keyboard … solar! Mission accomplished or just a gimmick?

wireless keyboards, we have already seen pass with or without bluetooth, with a more or less sophisticated design, utilizing a rechargeable battery or batteries … but only some manufacturers, including Cherry, had thought of a rechargeable keyboard with solar energy. Sign of the times, while manufacturers are increasingly in the front side of “green” products, Logitech sneaks into this trend with the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, a keyboard whose characteristic is to be powered by two panels solar.

The principle can be scary: a keyboard that we could use that in a sufficiently lit room? Fortunately, there is more subtle: the K750 is equipped with a small battery rechargeable button to sunlight or artificial lighting, and can operate thereafter for a period more or less prolonged in the dark. Logitech talks about three months of use without recharging, but obviously we can not verify this as the state. Note that this battery is difficult to access and was not intended to be replaced by the user.

Inside the K750, a rechargeable button battery!

Ergonomics and design

The K750 is a keyboard very discreet and slim design: the device is of great finesse, and offers a rather pleasant appearance, but the shiny black plastic surface is easily prone to fingerprints, dust, and especially scratches. The class side may take a hit quickly and Logitech seems to be aware since cloth is present in the box!

The surface of the K750 is brilliant: attention to fingerprints and scratches!

The keys are of the “chiclet”, like that found on Apple keyboards. The portable type of strikes has its followers and detractors but we must recognize that the strike is soft, pleasant and relatively quiet. The keys are well spaced, and no compromise is regrettable, even on the function keys. However, if the keyboard seems to take its inspiration from the Mac from the perspective of the spacing and shape of the keys, it is clearly optimized for Windows use.

The chiclet style keyboard provides a convenient typing

We can still make some reproaches keyboard: completely flat by default, it can be raised only by two small legs that seem quite fragile. In addition, although the office users will appreciate having a full keyboard with numeric keypad, the finesse and the K750 design make us regret the absence of a “mini” version lacks paved that would have willingly used as media center keyboard. This one seems a little too bulky and too heavy for this purpose.

The keyboard is raised visibly fragile legs


The K750 uses the Unifying technology Logitech. This one connects on a single dongle to six compatible mice and keyboards, and provides a secure connection with 128-bit encryption. The supplied dongle is small, but users fear of misplacing or having difficulty handling the towers in the recessed USB ports have a larger adapter. Well seen !

The keyboard works with the SetPoint drivers and SetPoint Control Center version 6. This one offers a satisfying ergonomics, but the features of the K750i are pretty limited since only find 6 programmable hot keys, and multimedia playback buttons or volume control, shared with the function keys. Soft keys are pre-assigned to shortcuts (email, browser home page, default media player …) but can be combined with other actions to choose from a fairly extensive list. In short, on this point, the keyboard is the bare minimum and will not replace a gamer keyboard, but for a “standard” use, it will prove more than enough.

The SetPoint drivers allow you to redefine the shortcuts for certain function keys

Note that displaying the Caps Lock or keypad is made only via the OSD that is found with all Logitech keyboards, and only informs the transition from one state to another, like Mac OS X on most keyboards, this is not a problem since they offer at least one diode, or even an LCD display directly on the keyboard. On the other hand K750, diode point and therefore no permanent lock display! The only diodes present on the keyboard are those informing charge level, operated by a dedicated key.

The only keyboard LEDs inform the state of the rechargeable battery

This key is also used to start a small application provided by Logitech, and to know in more detail the battery level, and the brightness of the room (Lux). The counter seems precise and the charge indicator also provides a historical graph of battery of 1, 3 or 12 months.

The Logitech Solar App provides detailed information about the charge and the light intensity


The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard is an original initiative by the Swiss manufacturer, although it is not quite the first to think about it. Beyond the ecological aspect which should attract users concerned about the environment, the concept of a wireless keyboard that can almost forget to reload unless you live in constant darkness is undeniably appealing. In practice, of course, we have not been able to verify the figures provided by Logitech during our test since the manufacturer claims a battery life of 3 months.

However, if the charging mode keyboard is conspicuous by its originality, can not be said of the keyboard itself remains a true end model, elegant, enjoying a correct manufacturing quality (if we exclude the legs which we do not give expensive) but very traditional in its features. The suggested retail price of 79 euros may seem high but it is hard to compare to another K750 wireless keyboard: its peculiarity is really attractive and can justify a higher price than a battery keyboard. Typing is comfortable if not plague on keyboards “chiclet” that have their detractors, but still we regret the lack of dedicated keys for media playback, for example.

Overall a good quality device that has the merit to innovate on the part recharge, but we hope that this first attempt will be the first of a series of original keyboards on their shape or functionality.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 More + + Load original Slim and discreet + pleasant Strike The less – sensitive to scratches and traces – very classic Features – Some defects finish (fragile legs) 3 Usability Features Quality / Price

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