Test DS215J Synology: NAS 12TB for budget

With each new year, Synology offers a partial refresh of its NAS ranges to maintain its small machines. At the very end of last year, we were so concerned about the high-end Taiwanese manufacturer with DS415 +, DS1515 + and DS1815 +. It is time to look now at the other end of the spectrum Synology products with entry level models and, in particular, to DS215J, a product two bays that should help make the RAID 0/1 accessible to all budgets.

Overview Synology DS215J At Synology, things are pretty well organized and if the range “+” is reserved for users ‘experts’, the products stamped “J” are the entry models. Currently, this range “J” is relatively broad because it is not less than three Synology products into this category, but only two took advantage of an updated 2015 DS115J and DS215J. Today, we return to this second model that stays true to the white dress of the first price models. If this color choice may not like, we do not fault the elegance of the product. In front, a thin black band helps bring a touch of variety to the product Figure: it contains the operating LEDs (power, network, disk drives) and the power button. Alas, no USB port is present for quick access to external data.

Second problem, the DS215J is not very convenient to install. Like all Synology products it is delivered without drive, and to install them, it is necessary to open the NAS by sliding the side. It must then place the disc in its respective location and screw. This design choice, Synology has probably done to reduce its NAS sales price, but fortunately that does not change the discs every day, because it’s not a great success.

On the back of the NAS, no surprises. Synology does not dazzle us by the originality of its product, but the fact DS215J job: a 92mm fan provides cooling as effective as silent, two USB ports (one 3.0 and one 2.0) are responsible for various host devices, a Ethernet port handles the gigabit transmission and finally a power connector connects the external brick. Apart from the inconvenient installation no front USB port, the DS215J is a classic product, with a good finish.

Synology DS215J


Marvell Armada 375-800 MHz

network protocols



512 MB



Dimensions / Weight

165x100x225 mm / 0.88 kg

Web server



2 years


FTP, HTTP, Torrent


2x 3.5 ”

Print Server




media server

DLNA, iTunes, Photos, UPnP

RAID standards

0/1 / JBOD


Yes, IP 16


1 USB3, 1 USB2, eSATA 0

Management of quotas


network interface

1x Gigabit RJ45



In practice In the manner of Iomega or QNAP, Synology offers only one interface for all its products. The same paragraph is duplicated on different models of a few details.

Attention blow of heart. You have probably already figured out from reading the previous pages in this roundup, but Synology has prepared an interface that we will not hesitate to describe as small wonder. Fully Ajax, it is a model of its kind with a remarkable organization however many sections and of course, with the ability to have all this in the language of Molière. The establishment of the NAS is no real difficulty using the tool developed by Synology, although given the power of embedded processor, you have to show a little patience for the creation of the stack. Then you can use the browser like any other NAS: everything is could not be more clear, although it should be a little time to digest all the available functions, Synology has really done the job .

Of functions, Synology NAS abound in and are among the most comprehensive in our file. Compatible with most audio formats as video, they are excellent multimedia content broadcast stations. In terms of downloads, they adapt to FTP, HTTP, and BitTorrent protocols, significantly less interesting today, with eDonkey most useful options and agree a comprehensive list of network protocols (AFP, SMB, FTP, NFS) so everyone can find a shoe to fit. print server, iTunes server, mail server and Web server are on the program while IP cameras offer extensive management. Finally, the presence of multiple connectors allows to consider many connections knowing that these external devices are always fully recognized.

We said previously, the embedded processor (a Marvell Armada 375-800 MHz) is not a powerhouse. So do not expect a model built for multiple stresses: it does not suit the corporate world and is intended rather to self-employed or homes. Having two or three simultaneous connections are not a problem for him and the interface is responsive enough for that one has never felt until after the NAS (account creation, configuration …). Only the creation of thumbnail photos / videos may take a bit of time just after the first copy of all data. Further note that this processor allows Synology reduce both consumption and NAS noise: an excellent point for home use.

Performances: scores of Synology DS215J What about the performance of the NAS in practice? Given he compete? You will find quantified and compared results in the following pages

RAID data transfer 1 / RAID 5

Noise and heat consumption

Our opinion DS215J Synology marks a move gently from the entry level of the Taiwanese manufacturer. A development that allows guests to enjoy performances in net progress (15-20% compared to the previous generation) without losing side of consumption or noise. The DS215J advantage of the excellent Synology interface and above all, its innumerable functions without any restrictions: the same video tool works great on this little model to put one foot in the world of NAS without breaking the bank.

Synology DS215J Most flawless + + Software Interface correct Performance + Quality / good price + Silent in operation Less – Installing impractical discs – Creation of the relatively long battery – No front USB port 4 Performance Features Interface

You want to know more? Depending on the brand, the NAS does not have the same features. We review the most commonly integrated services.

Some important reminders

Update on board services

Synology NAS Server Disk Station DS-215J

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