Test Asustor AS-7004T: power above all, video playback 4K bonus

Newcomer in the field of NAS, Asustor succeeded – in no time – to make a name internationally and gradually gaining some recognition in France also. There are a few weeks, we tested a first model of the Taiwanese manufacturer – AS-202 TE – and today we link with a more efficient product, more ambitious, but also much more expensive. The AS-7004T not boxing quite in the same category and price positioning segregate the market to a small, relatively wealthy structures.

Overview of Asustor AS-7004T A glance on the AS-7004T and the relationship with the AS-202 TE is no doubt. Asustor did not try to revolutionize its design with this product, but it did go upmarket. The AS-7004T is a black monolith. It integrates four cribs to accommodate hard drives and features as its little brother a USB 3.0 port on the front. However, it is characterized by the integration of an LCD screen and navigation buttons. Accessory for some, this screen displays extensive information on the state of the NAS and its configuration: useful when you have no access to its software interface. Finally, the inevitable has Asustor power-LEDs, activity and network controller (one for each RJ45 port).

Practice, these LEDs can be managed via the software interface of the AS-7004T: it is possible to reduce the light intensity depending on, for example, time or used as an alarm. There is nothing more to say on this front, but turning the beast, we realize several unique features. Asustor first of all wanted to make his AS-7004T a standalone device and endowed an HDMI port, unfortunately only to 1.4a. We also note the presence of a port Optical S / PDIF: an ideal complement for multimedia, and, especially qu’Asustor also offers a small remote control (optional). The manufacturer does not obviously ignores catches most classic and find ourselves: 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, two eSATA ports, 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0. Finally, note the presence of a standard PC socket: food has the good taste to be internal.

Asustor AS-7004T


Intel Core i3 – 3.5 GHz

network protocols






Dimensions / Weight

185x170x230 mm / 3.9 kg

Web server



3 years


FTP, HTTP, Torrent


4x 3.5 ”

Print Server




media server

DLNA, iTunes, Photos, UPnP

RAID standards

0/1/5/6/10 / JBOD


Yes, IP 16


3 USB3, 2 USB2, eSATA 2

Management of quotas


network interface

2x Gigabit RJ45



In practice In the manner of QNAP and Synology, Asustor offers only one interface for all its products. The same paragraph is duplicated on different models of a few details.

The signed Asustor user interface is largely influenced by the Apple iOS system. Sleek main screen shows the functions as icons that just click to open new windows. The upper part serves toolbar grouping already launched applications. The first advantage of such a solution is obvious: it allows less accustomed to simply access the tools they need. For advanced users of NAS, perhaps it is more confusing, but do not exaggerate and this accessibility is hardly troublesome insofar Asustor selected the eleven most important applications to be icon: user management, monitoring, application catalog, online help, services, storage, backup, file explorer, external devices …

Special mention for the monitoring interface is a model of clarity, however, the file explorer and design very “Apple” is not bad either. Storage Manager omits no key functions of a NAS, although we found it a little slow in the creation of our RAID 1. In this respect there Asustor does indeed not really in the originality as the vast majority of manufacturers, it rests on EXT4 file system. Note qu’Asustor does not allow the creation of RAID 1 cells on all four discs: not a very big problem, such NAS is intended primarily to RAID arrays 5 or RAID 6 and RAID 10 are batteries and O course available.

The user interface does Asustor virtually ignore any feature and some tools (eg video surveillance) are missing, simply turn to the store brand to add applications . Easily accessible through one of eleven main icons, the AppStore is full of tools. Like other builders, Asustor teams review all applications before making them available to users. A section “beta” allows also add applications qu’Asustor judge still a bit young. To return to the video surveillance, the suitable application manages free up to 4 video streams and 12 – pay – can still be added.

Finally, we must return to an important feature of the AS-7004T. The presence of an HDMI 1.4a port and an optical S / PDIF jack predispose to broadcast video. The objective of Asustor is actually to allow video stream without any limits or almost. Using XBMC (or Kodi today), the NAS can stream video up to 4K. The power of the Intel (i3 3.5 GHz) there is obviously no stranger and the remote control to navigate very effectively within XBMC. Faultless, although it probably does not concern a very wide audience.

Performances: scores of Asustor AS-7004T What about the performance of the NAS in practice? Given he compete? You will find quantified and compared results in the following pages

RAID data transfer 1 / RAID 5

Noise and heat consumption

Our opinion No need to beat around the bush, the AS-7004T is an excellent product that is expected to say a little more Asustor reputation in France. The features are among the many in the small world of NAS and accessibility has not been neglected. Given the power of embedded processor, performance is obviously of the highest order and this without causing a release of heat by too excessive. Alas, all this has a price and AS-7004T is – by far – the most expensive models four disks never passed through our hands. Its price is not unreasonable given the embedded components, but it will still be difficult to convince.

Asustor AS-7004T More + HDMI, remote control and playback 4K + Excellent performance + + clean interface and precise build quality, finish Cons – Price justified, but still high – Only four berries? 4 Performance Features Interface

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