Test A.DATA S511: 120GB SF2281, one more …

SF1222 with its SandForce at the time had gained a significant market share of SSD controllers. It seems that the brand we redo the shot with his SF2281, which is increasingly successful: after Corsair, OCZ and Patriot is now offering A.DATA model equipped with this controller, with its S511.

This is the 120 GB version of the new SSD that we are testing. An ability that seems to find favor with manufacturers now, since starting to get the performance that were previously reserved for larger capacity models, and therefore more expensive.

Thus A.DATA announced rather impressive rates for its S511: 550 MB / s read and 510 MB / s write, and 60,000 IOPS 4K random write, no less! Performance that put it on paper, up to the latest 6Gbps SSD that are the Vertex 3 and Agility 3 OCZ, Corsair Force 3 and Force GT, or the Patriot Wildfire, all equipped with the SandForce SF2281. Also note that these figures vary little depending on the capabilities for S511, which is not always the case with other manufacturers. The 60GB model, especially, saw its rates reach the same values ​​of this model 120 GB.

The operation of this controller is now well known: it handles TRIM and NCQ function, and allows dual AES encryption system: the controller uses a 256-bit algorithm when the data enters and writes in coding of 128 bits.

It also supports RAM modules engraved in 25 nm, what is precisely with this S511. MLC chips from Micron, the reference for us was hitherto unknown. therefore impossible to say whether, as on some of the latest SSD spent in writing, this model uses A.DATA chip synchronous or asynchronous. Performance we probably aiguilleront on one or the other hypotheses. For if the asynchronous memory main advantage of being cheaper, it also significantly reduces the SSD write performance.

So there are a total of 16 modules of 8 GB on both sides of the PCB, for a theoretical capacity of 128 GB. Presented as a 120 GB SSD, the S511 thus enjoys, like all SSD SandForce SF2281, 6% its capacity dedicated to overprovisioning. A device which, to reiterate, is supposed to extend the life of MLC chips, and therefore that of the SSD.

Offered in 60, 120, 240 and even 480 GB, respectively for rates of 140, 240, 490 and 1269 euros, S511 of A.DATA is guaranteed for 2 years.