Tesla uses Google Glass to repair his car

It seems that Tesla uses Google Glass Enterprise Edition news in its Fremont plant for repairing Model S. The site ELECTrek has indeed spotted some clues that prove Elon Musk has deployed the Google Glass to increase its productivity employees.

While Google Glass Enterprise Edition have been selling on eBay, it appears that Tesla now Elon Musk to whom we owe the famous electric cars Model S and Model X already uses augmented reality these frames. The ELECTrek site, always well informed about Tesla plans, spotted on the website of APX Labs, one of Google’s partners to use Google Glass in the workplace (Glass at Work), the mention of Tesla. The site APX will even use a photo of the plant Tesla in Fremont to advertise its products.

A Google Glass screen capture

The other index, which proves that Tesla uses Google Glass is a picture that shows a screenshot of augmented reality glasses with software designed to assist engineers during repair Tesla electric cars. We see in particular show the serial number of the car, and a button for more details on the vehicle.

A source close to Tesla told the website ELECTrek that the US automaker used both Google Glass on the Fremont site, but also the augmented reality glasses from Vuzix. The goal is to test these solutions and compare them. Google therefore has no exclusive contract.