Ten questions to ask before buying an IP camera

If you plan to place your home or secondary residence under video surveillance, you are surely asking yourself many questions. Especially if you’re not particularly a computer wizard, or as security. So we have compiled the most legitimate questions as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). And when you pass the next level, you will see our IP camera comparison.

1) What is an IP camera?

An IP camera is a device for monitoring a location. As a webcam unless it operates autonomously network, local or remote. You can see live video feeds from a web browser via a NAS server interface or sometimes on a mobile application. The camera can mostly be programmed to detect motion and thus trigger video recording / photograph it stores on micro SD card or send it (FTP, email, NAS, cloud platform, etc.), when a intruder passes in his field of vision. Day and night with night vision regularly implanted.

2) What features should I opt to choose my IP Camera?

There are at least seven points of technical considerations that question before choosing.