Tech’spresso: Samsung and Qualcomm, Free Mobile referred by ARCEP and LeTV changes skin

You do not have time to follow yesterday? Here are some events that have marked Thursday, 14 January (and those that marked the previous day), time to swallow your coffee. Qualcomm relies on the expertise of Samsung, Free Mobile in the sights of ARCEP and the new name of LeTV are the daily menu.

Samsung will manufacture the Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm has found his man. While the US chip designer hesitated between TSMC and Samsung to manufacture its upcoming SoC, it is for the Korean he has opted, especially to benefit from its 14LPP engraving process. A lucrative contract to $ 1 billion, they say, and a lot of pressure around the manufacture of Snapdragon 820, which will restore the reputation of Qualcomm, after the failure of Snapdragon 810.

Free Mobile will quickly overcome Orange

ARCEP has examined the case of Free Mobile and Orange, since the former has a roaming agreement on the second network, as part of its 2G coverage. The telecoms authority does not want to wait Free the end of the period after which it will have to cover 90% of the French population (in January 2018), and claims that he continues to support “without delay” on Orange antennas in areas that already covers. That being said.

LeTV to conquer the international

Chinese brand, which is illustrated at CES 2016 with its Max Pro, the first smartphone with a Snapdragon 820, has become known outside China. And to do that, it has announced the abandonment of its historic name, which refers to a television manufacturer in favor of the name LEECO. At least there will he no confusion.