Summer Sale 2014: our selection of tips (smartphones, tablets, Chromebook)

The summer sales have just begun! And as usual the main commercial sites display their (more or less) good plans. Here is our first selection of mobile products found around the Internets that we separated into smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks.


Huawei Ascend G6 4G Smartphone to 179 euros (instead of 249 euros) at a very good midrange smartphone that we recently tested as of Ultym 5. (Read the review)

Black Sony Xperia SP 4G 206,90 euros (instead of 241.52 eros) in Cdiscount: one of the best value for money last year if we are to believe our test. (Read our review) The smartphone boasts of 50 euros ODR, and therefore passes to 156.90 euros.

Huawei Ascend G615 Honour 2-199 euros (instead of 259 euros) in TopAchat with phones 4.5 inch to slightly dated specifications.

White LG Optimus F5 to 129 euros (instead of 229.90 euros) in TopAchat: a 4G phone entry. (Read the review)

Xperia Z Ultra to 379.90 euros (instead of 547.90 euros) in a 6.44-inch giant phone with a full HD display and Snapdragon 800. Compatible 4G. (Read the review)

LG G Flex to 399 euros (instead of 649 euros) in TopAchat: a smartphone rather special as it has a curved screen HD. A curiosity. (Read the review)

HTC One SV blue to 149.90 euros (instead of 399 euros) in MarketPlace: a 4G phone 4.3 inches from beginning of 2013. (Read the review)

Acer Liquid S2 Red 349 euros (instead of 499 euros) in MarketPlace: a PHABLET 6 inches with a Full HD screen and 4G compatibility. (Read the review)

HTC Desire 500 blue or black at 129.90 euros (instead of 169.90 euros) in MarketPlace: a range of mid-2013 4.3-inch screen, Snapdragon 200 and little definition.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Black 76 euros (instead of 109 euros) in a lightweight version of the Galaxy Tab 3. It preserves the 7-inch screen but has a less powerful processor.

Nexus 7 2013-149 euros (instead of 222.99 euros) in Do we really introduce the star of Google tablet? (Read the review)


Acer Aspire C720P to 129.99 euros (instead of 239.99 euros) at Cdiscount: a Chromebook with a 11.6-inch touchscreen and features 2GB of RAM. The Chromebook is on promotion to 179.99 euros. But this promotion adds a deferred repayment offer (ODR) 50 euros so expect a price of 129.99 euros.

Feel free to give us tips that you too will have unearthed the Internet, we’ll relay all through the day the best deals!