Street View is invited in local … Google!

Google takes at his own game – or example shows, it depends – allowing users to visit its premises in Mountain View through Street View. Follow the guide !

Street View is invited recently concretely in stores and allows users to window shop without leaving their office chair: an initiative that still requires the agreement of the shops that should solicit a visit from Google to take pictures of local.

Chance or coincidence, a few days since Google offers a tour of its Mountain View campus through his service linked to Google Maps. The exterior has been explored to another tricycle to Street View, and inside appears to have received the same treatment as the first stores that you can visit on the platform. According who spent the images screened, the outer planes date from 2009 and the interior images of summer 2011. Of course, all parts of the building are not offered “to visit” but it is still possible to get an idea of ​​the decoration, and notice some fun details like the subtly hidden behind their screens switchboard or the passage of a fall time in a splendid summer, like Google benefited from a wonderful microclimate.

If you want to explore the local Google, the tour starts below!

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