Storage merged: some details about the new functionality of Archos devices

A few days before the opening of MWC 2015, Archos has announced a new feature in its devices planned for this year, the merged storage. We took advantage of the presence of representatives from Archos to the show to ask them some questions about it.

During the presentation of its new tablets last week, Archos has unveiled a new feature built into all its devices, the merged storage. This is in fact present a new option in the settings menu that allows, once a micro-SD card inserted in the camera, merge in a totally transparent to the user internal memory of the phone with the of the memory card. To do this, simply visit the dedicated menu and enable the option. Automatically, the phone will be responsible for migrating data on the two storage areas so as not to become one. This feature, primarily intended for the general public, will then sort the data automatically. The application files will go primarily to the internal memory of the phone while the heaviest data type photos or video will automatically go on the memory card. The only restriction of this feature is that once the merged storage enabled, it is not possible to remove the micro-SD card freely. It is indeed necessary to “separate storage” to return to the original configuration. The merged storage works a priori on all memory cards. Archos has confirmed to me trying the feature on maps 128GB.

The merged storage will be available on all future devices manufacturer. It should for instance be the case of the Archos 50 Diamond or Magnus tablets come in the coming weeks.