Spotify would still raised $ 350 million

Spotify has concluded a round of funding totaling $ 350 million. It also proposes a new promotional offer.

The music streaming market may be pushed soon with the arrival of Apple in the segment, and the increased competition with premium offerings Qobuz or Tidal. Thus, the most famous figure of the sector, Spotify, has just completed a round of funding totaling $ 350 million if we are to believe our colleagues from CNBC. The media also think that the US bank Goldman Sachs would be among the new investors. If the fundraiser is confirmed, it would valuing Spotify to almost $ 8.5 billion.

If this is so much talk about it, it is mainly because we expect an imminent launch of Beats Audio on the platform of Apple, after the acquisition of the firm last year to $ 3 billion . We can then assume that the various players in the online music industry preparing for the arrival of a strong competitor and trying to consolidate their positions.

Besides, Spotify has launched a new promotional campaign to get 3 month subscription to the premium service offering for only 0.99 euro. Normally, this offer would have cost EUR 9.99 per month. No doubt that the firm should thus attract new users.

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