Spam: Gmail detailing spam

Not content to filter spam as best it can, the Gmail email service now offers to uncover the reasons that led him to consider certain messages as junk, so to inform its users.

The optimization algorithms to classify unwanted mails directly into the spam folder is one of the main challenges of online messaging, in recent years. But sometimes this ranking misfires and the user does not always know why a particular email is found classified as spam.

Via its official blog, Gmail announced today that it now offers an explanation of the reasons that push to sort. This information is found at the top of messages classified as spam: when the message is unwanted but harmless, the explanation appears in a simple gray frame and the user can click on “More” to access more detailed information .

Examples of messages

Conversely, if the email content is considered dangerous, it is a red frame, warning the user against possible dangers.

Gmail hopes to help users of its service to better understand its filtering policy and protect against scams and phishing attempts. The service has also updated its FAQ on the subject (in English).

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 16:28

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