Soundcloud Go: Streaming subscription in the US

Green light for paid streaming: SoundCloud has among others a license agreement with Sony Music.

Preconnected early 2016 agreed the young Berlin company SoundCloud with Universal Music and Warner Music and the Merlin Association in rights issues. After the service now also cooperates with Sony Music, he engages future on the range of the three major music publishers and many independent labels. Now the company is taking the step towards an own streaming service in the United States: Soundcloud Go. Thus, the seller is a serious competitor for Apple Music, Spotify & Co. When price is SoundCloud oriented to its competitors and requires around 10 US dollars per month.

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Although use around 175 million users SoundCloud world by its own account, put the music platform for some time now in trouble. The company makes for some time losses. With the fee-streaming service this should change now: Especially the license agreements with the major record companies should help. The seller wants to distinguish itself by the fact that artists decide for themselves whether they make their music for a fee or free of charge.

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According to the information of the contract in addition to streaming rights also includes a new fee order. The rinsed Sony Music money in the cash register when users play on the ad-supported version of SoundCloud songs by artists of the label. This is also the dispute between the two companies history, which reached its peak in May 2015 when Sony Music withdrew the works of its artists on SoundCloud. (With material of dpa.)

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