Sony Ericsson Symbian forget, turns to Android

The Japanese-Swedish manufacturer Sony Ericsson is not ready to re-insert the Symbian system on its future smartphones. It is in any case that we can conclude an interview with Ny Teknik collected and reported Business Week. Indeed, according to Jan Uddenfeldt, chief technical operations in Sweden, the company “has no plans to develop new products to the standards of the Symbian Foundation or their operating systems.”

The Symbian Foundation presents its operating system as the most widely used, partly because it is embedded on high-end handsets from Nokia. Nevertheless, according to figures reported by Gartner for the second quarter, its market share has largely dropped the last twelve months, from 51% to 41.2%.

In July Rikko Sakaguchi, in charge of new, already announced that the firm had actually turned to the Android support. Lately the manufacturer unveiled its Xperia X10 Mini. Symbian was especially installed on the Vivaz and Vivaz Pro but it seems that Google’s system defining the future of upcoming smartphones. Sony Ericsson will still remain a member of the Symbian Foundation, this is the not the first company to make infidelities to the system. LG, Sharp or Samsung, also members of the foundation have also developed Android handsets.

According to experts from Gartner, Android dethrone Symbian in 2014.