Sony DRU-530A: Test and Review

Upon its release in June 2003, the DRU-510A was the best of Sony DVD player / multi player on the market – the only one capable of burning DVD rewritable (DVD + RW) at 4X speed. Its successor, the DRU-530A improves performance on other formats – burning DVD recordable (DVD + R) to 8X speed (ie a rate of 10.8 MB / s), CD recordable (CD-R) to 40x (or 4.7 MB / s) and rewritable CDs (CD-RW) 24x.

The history of Sony in the field of optical memories is remarkable and the DRU-530A improves an already excellent product. The DRU-510A was indeed awarded the “Editor’s Choice” for its outstanding performance. Now the DRU-530A is still faster.

However, the Japanese manufacturer does not innovate but this time trying to catch the PX-708A performance of Plextor, which already severe DVD-R at 8X speed (4x on qualified media) and CD-R / RW 40x / 24x. In addition, the PX-708A has a control knob volume and a headphone jack, all of which lack the DRU-530A.

The DRU-530A Sony could end up good second behind the impressive Plextor PX-708A. The DRU-510A, it remains a very attractive offer for lovers of multiformat who do not need last cry of unity.