Sony CMT-G2NiP: test and review

Here is the micro-channel CMT-G2NiP proposed by Sony. This chain aluminum design includes two speakers with a tweeter and a subwoofer and qualified high-end Sony. The settings are shown on the digital display FL this front.

It can play music from a CD, iPod or iPhone via USB, various sources via the 3.5mm jack or the radio with the integrated FM / AM tuner. The CMT-G2NiP also can play songs stored online or on your home network, thanks to its Wi-Fi compatibility and DLNA, and technology Party Streaming Sony wireless broadcast technology.

The chain is also compatible with Apple’s AirPlay technology lets you wirelessly stream music from your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The introductory price of the micro-channel CMT-G2NiP proposed by Sony is 550 euros.