Sony: billions in losses due to hacker attack and Naturkatastrohe games

Loss of sales: The Playstation Store is expected to continue until end of May 2011 out of service.

S like serious times for the electronics giant: The consequences of the earthquake in Japan cost Sony according to information around 1.5 billion euros. The natural disaster damaged or destroyed more than one Sony factories in northeastern Japan. And the spectacular data theft loaded the cash. For weeks, the online platforms PSN, Qriocity and PSO were completely or partially from the grid. Observers estimate the resulting damage to around 1.2 billion US dollars. The loss of revenue is likely to be a small problem – when compared with the loss of image.

The game producers suffer from the shutdown. Thus spoke Capcom vice president Christian Svensson recently of a possible loss in the millions. Without this revenue even further planning and development of new games were at risk. (Dpa / ul)