snowfall: 29 DSLAM unreachable in the North West

Weather currently underway in the North West of France naturally have few repercussions in terms of Internet access. At the time of writing, 29 connecting nodes are unreachable.

The most affected department is undoubtedly the Channel, with 25 DSLAM down: nte50-1, pic50-1, que50-1, sme50-1, svh50-1, lpe50-1, trl50-1, bna50-1, bcq50-1, bea50-1, car50-1, mav50-1, oct50-1, oct50-2, oct50-3, oct50-4, qqe50-1, qqe50-2, rx850-1, tou50-1, tou50- 2 val50-1, vds50-1, vds50-2 and vds50-3. All these connection nodes are out of service for more than 15 hours.