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Advantage Playstation 3: The developers promise improvements to the graphics and the gameplay.

T he history of “Sniper – Ghost Warrior” is quickly told: you are a sniper of a special unit, which supports a rebel organization in the fight against a military regime. The venue is Isla Trueno, a fictional island in South America. PC and Xbox 360 owners sat tyranny in June 2010 to end. It is now clear when the PS3 sniper disengage: the action game for the Sony console will appear on 14 April 2011th

On the Blu-ray pressed publisher City Interactive some extras that are not included in the versions for PC and Xbox 360: For example, you compete online in the new capture-the-flag mode on five fresh cards and are reflected in exclusive singleplayer missions through the jungle. When your order in the name of democracy will help two new sniper rifles.

Released “Sniper – Ghost Warrior”: June 24, 2010 for PC and Xbox 360, April 14, 2011 for PS3. (Db / rk)

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