Smartphone: Amazon patented the release by the ear

Despite the very moderate sales of its Fire Phone, Amazon has not said its last word on the smartphone market and has filed a new patent to facilitate the release of the device.

In June, Amazon was embarking on the smartphone market and lifted the veil on its fire phone, a device equipped with Android OS Fire and fork with some original features. The terminal, technical characteristics rather upscale, has an interface in 3D auto-stereoscopic, with four cameras placed at each corner of the device and coupled with infrared modules. It also stands as the ultimate consumer smartphone with the Firefly feature to scan any item to find it and immediately order on Amazon.

But its selling price at $ 649 bare 64GB cast a chill and cyber-merchant never imposed his device in the US market face to Apple or Samsung devices. Five months after its availability, law and Chikita Comscore analysis estimated that the company had sold 35 000 copies … despite a fall in prices to 449 dollars. But Amazon does not hide it: it was a first attempt, but not the last.