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Your data storage seems to work with the handbrake? Then try it with clean up.

W he works hard, goes sometime in the knees: This applies to men as well as PCs. Particularly hard disks are exposed gradually decreasing pace. The reason: Windows stores new data from not always intelligent. The problem you notice sometime particularly strong when calling complex software. Their constituents must read most expensive of the write head of the drive. this website explains how exactly does the brake of the so-called fragmentation – and how the free Smart Defrag by practical rearranging your data items again ignites the Turbo. The newly released version 5 offers a modernized interface and refreshed descriptive texts. Hand applied, the manufacturer during the installation process, which takes place more easily than before.

Why does the braking effect?

A file consists of several individual parts. Only when lying one behind the other on the hard disk (H ard D isk D rive), manages the instantaneous opening. Such meaningful order is no longer possible after a few Save, Delete, and turn storage operations: Components of a photo or an .exe file are scattered across the hard drive. This forces the read-write head of the hard drive to time-consuming putting together the required content. The read-write head is similar to the tone arm of a record player, a mechanical element. It moves from the outside to the inside through the rotating magnetic disks HDD and back. Only after the head has collected the relevant data from anywhere, they end up in memory. Smart Defrag analyzes the configuration file of your parts and optimizes them. This defragmentation tool puts together that belong together hard drive contents, so that the reading is successful in one go. This also benefits the write speed of your drive.

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The surface of Smart Defrag are no mystery, is even suitable for touch screen operation. Thanks categorization you should quickly find their way. There are both complete drives and individual partitions or selected files / folders can be optimized. Who only wants to cut a video file quickly, could be limited to the time-saving defragmentation. It makes sense: even rearrange the entire plate. After work done faster file operations. Sometimes even disappear stuttering in games.

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Unlike competitor programs Smart Defrag optimizes various taboo areas such as the MFT of Windows storage system, Windows-8/10 apps, important system files, the swap and the hibernation file. The removal of garbage is one of the functions, but not a must make sense. Automatic defragmentation to take the hard drive in selectable cycles. Two unpleasant side effects of competing tools do not occur: that it comes to harmful SSD Tuning and due to a Windows function (VSS service) space in mass is lost. More information about the technical intricacies explains the detailed instructions.

What is fragmentation?

When Windows saves a file, then it breaks down the operating system in several items – fragments – and stores them in succession.

Delete a file, then there is a gap that fills the system during the next save operation.

If a new file is larger than such a gap, Windows fills them and adds the remaining ingredients to the rear.

The result is that files are distributed over the entire disk. When you open a file of the read / write head of the disk must first gather together all the ingredients – an elaborate affair.

A defragmentation program assigns File constituents to optimally and ensures greater pace. While the disk defragmentation is recommended, you should avoid at SSDs thereof: Optimization brings nothing and even promotes wear.

Safety writ large: No SSD Defrag

In terms of pace SSDs classic (so-called ferromagnetic) hard drives have outstripped. Whether a Flash-based SSD to SATA 3 AHCI or M.2 PCIe NVMe standard is used: Because of their work, it is not advisable to defragment an SSD. The process turns out to even be harmful. Newer models of modern data drives keep themselves permanently fast. Who uses a SSD, need not be afraid Smart Defrag to have: it recognizes the drive type and does not perform conventional defragmentation. Rather, the tool sends the drive called TRIM command. The instructs the SSD device software to empty marked as deleted memory cells. This promotes a consistently high memory speed. Microsoft systems offer this luxury since Windows 8. A defragmentation function already brought the way Windows XP, but it is effective only from Vista: it brings good pace gains and provides for the first time an automatic cleanup. So detailed adjustment as Smart Defrag the system tool is terrible. And individual files are not specifically optimized. Up to and including Windows 10 applies: The offer more comfort and features alternative programs like Smart Defrag. Little things like the adjustable window transparency of Smart Defrag and that the software carries away expendable garbage, enjoy the benefits quite the Tuning Fan.

»Download: Download Smart Defrag

»Download: Smart Defrag Portable Download

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