Snake clone conquered app stores, free browser games

Just do not be eaten: “” relies on the famous “Snake” principle – converts it, however slightly.

E specially older generation among gamblers and casual gamers is the title “Snake” a term. Whether. On the C64 or an old Nokia phone, the mini game helps people for decades, kill time enjoyable Now has a fantastic game under the title “” again the heart of the in-between Daddler. The title captured the app stores of iOS and Android, and performs the game rankings to. Even better: You can also play this game in the browser on the PC – absolutely free. Here, the gameplay remains almost the old: you assume the role of a voracious snake, which is a little longer with each intricate subject. The innovation: Do not nibble other snakes – your own tail, however, you happen safely. Correct: is a multiplayer title.

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These browser games are worthwhile Snake with Multiplayer

While grazing the screen with your glutton, you also encounter other players who fully hit with her snake’s belly. Even with this you should collide in no way, because then the fun is over. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score. The already trying countless passionate gamers, as a glance at YouTube & Co. reveals. There showcase players already videos of their most successful experiments. Thus, the ancient and minimalist Spie concept meets once again proves that neither consuming graphics still a profound game mechanics are needed to make a play a hit.