Skype 3.0: Test and Review

Skype plays the community card in this version 3.0 beta with Skypecasts and public discussions. Milling 2.5 of this popular VOIP software had already inaugurated Skypecasts, chat rooms where up to 100 people can express themselves verbally. But access to these chat rooms is conducting far from the site They are now available from the software, which works with 2000 and XP versions of Windows. The integration of these rooms is still incomplete. When a user wishes to query the directory of Skypecasts or create their own shows, he is gently returned to the publisher’s site.

The sound quality is poor in these chat rooms. The words are sometimes chopped and voices seem like metal. Nevertheless, the creation of its own fairs remains a breeze and takes at the very least a minute. Anyone can create their own Skypecast for example

virtually reunite his family, discuss with perfect

unknown on a given topic or issue a

concert. Simply fill out an online form and indicate there including the topic, the date and time at which the meeting will take place. Not to be indexed using keywords. Thus, other Skype users will find it easier in the Skypecasts directory and can, if they wish, join the discussion. Of course, you are the appointed moderator of your shows, so you have all the rights. Nothing prevents you to mute or why not exclude a participant too agitated. Participation in these exhibitions is free, it is not charged on your credit communication (Skypeout), which is reserved for calls made to landlines and mobiles.

In the same spirit as these Skypecasts, public discussions are emerging in this new vintage. In these shows, participants interact more verbally but in writing. These spaces can accommodate, in principle, an unlimited number of participants. You should decide the moderation rules of your living room. Thus, all participants can post messages or obtain authorization to read or post messages. Again, the creation and moderation of a cat public remain accessible to the greatest number and is done from the software.

Newcomers expansion modules developed by third-party publishers

Extras baptized and flesh out what VoIP software more or less related to telephony functions. When certain modules

combine wacky ringtone to contacts or allow you to play online at

backgammon, others offer more seriously to easily share

a whiteboard during his calls or record calls in the

as an MP3 file. In the latter case, records

made at a rate of 64 Kbps are perfectly audible voice that

interlocutors seem somewhat nasal. Eight of the Extras

are proposed by default. They are accessible from the Skype menu.

The publisher thirty reference on its website today.

Last novelty, the software recognizes the numbers now

enrolled in web pages (Click to call function). this detection

Automatic nothing revolutionary and pass again by

the installation of plug-ins for Internet Explorer and

Firefox. Thus, the telephone numbers on sites 118 218

Yellow Pages and turn into Skype links. Clicking on one of

them immediately calls from the software. Malin, this module

did not take into account the fax numbers offered by these two

online services.

Of course, this softphone allows, as in the beginning, to make calls to landlines and mobile (Skypeout option for $ 11.5 or 28.75 euros) to many destinations for less. Nevertheless, his Wengo competitor offers in many cases prices more

advantageous. A call made to a landline in France and the UK

costs 20 cents per minute with Skype, twice with Wengo. And this software does not offer

Unlimited subscription packages unlike its competitor. Furthermore, compared to conventional telephony, sound quality ranges from mediocre to decent following calls made with Skype.

Moreover, the software interface is undergoing a facelift. Live a tab dedicated to Skypecasts thus appears alongside the tabs Contacts, History and keyboard in the main interface of Skype 3.0. And the software remains easy to use. To start a call, just choose the country of call, dial the telephone number of the caller, then press the ad hoc button and wait 10 seconds to join his party. Skype also lets you assign a telephone number and voice mail to their account (SkypeIn option) in order to be attached from a fixed or mobile. But it will cost about 35 euros a year anyway … Skype also provides SMS sending (12.4 cents for France). Finally, this software offers to communicate interposed webams and instant messages. And due respect to the messenger Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger which also offer to join the fixed and mobile, Skype offers more functions related to telephony as its two competitors.

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