Sites hosted by Go Daddy off following an attack

Big time for professional hosting what Go Daddy. It turns out in fact that a number of websites hosted by Go Daddy are inaccessible. A hacker claims credit for the attack from Twitter.

The host recognized, again via Twitter, the existence of the fault then it indicates through its support pages to work on the restoration of services. For now, the official Go Daddy have not spoken publicly in more detail about the problem. It is more difficult to estimate the impact of the latter, the number of sites is not known yet. Our colleagues from TechCrunch speak of “millions of sites” inaccessible.

Moreover, this attack also appears to affect the DNS servers of Go Daddy. So, even if we do not know yet if the DNS servers used by property are simply overloaded or offline, sites that are not hosted by Go Daddy but benefit from registrar services the firm can also be concerned. So too the mail services.

The user “AnonymousOwn3r” claims the attack on Twitter. It states that it is his own work and not that of the collective Anonymous. Regarding his motivations, the individual talks about his desire to check the level of cyber security and the host also mentioned other reasons that he can not give details. As for the severity of the attack that is undergoing Go Daddy, AnonymousOwn3r says that it “can last an hour or a month.”

Updated 0:04: The Go Daddy site inaccessible time and again function has been updated with the following greeting

11:09 p.m. update: It seems as Data Center Knowledge that the attack also affects SSL certificate verification services, inevitably resulting consequences for everything related to e-commerce.

Edited on 11/09/2012 at 0:04

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