Sitecom Wireless network adapter CF: Test and Review

Read his emails on his terrace, it is possible with this wireless card. Of course you have to be equipped with an 802.11b (Wi-Fi) in due form but this type of infrastructure is becoming widespread.

This card is Compact Flash type II which somewhat limits its use, some assistants under PocketPC as the HP Jornada will not be able to. Installation is particularly simple. Just run the file on the PC, connect the PDA and inserting the card and go. Adjustments are made automatically, the card detecting the most powerful network automatically. Obviously if the network is encrypted or has a specific identifier, or if multiple networks are available, you must enter the password or the correct ID.

The card setup is relatively simple but very complete. Signal strength, throughput (11, 5.5, 2 or 1 Mbps) connection mode (a single station or network) are indicated very clearly.

Finally the only complaints about this card is its size: the card itself only slightly from the slot but the antenna is imposing. Under these conditions, we can not imagine away his PDA in his pocket without removing the card.

Good point nonetheless, it comes with drivers for Windows 9.x or 2000, against only by the last deliveries have Windows XP drivers. These are however available on the manufacturer’s website. With these drivers you can use it on a laptop via a PC card adapter.